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Lisa Wootton

The life and times of a nonverbal autistic boy and his family.

I'm the mum of a nonverbal autistic four year old boy who I affectionately refer to as The Monster and his baby brother who I refer to as The Small One, he has a rare disease and needs regular hospital check-ups.

I'm the long term partner of my other half of over nine years, but absolutely not a wife as he refuses to put a ring on it!

I laugh, cry and muddle through, mostly winging it and documenting as I go along.

Employing A Special Needs Parent

It might be a job to others but for us, it's a lifeline. Sanity. You will get us for 100% of your time. We work to a tight schedule and need to leave on time so will work like a ninja to make sure everything is completed on time. No time for office gossip, there's work to be done! Our productivity levels will make you question what your fulltime staff do all day!
08/11/2017 14:02 GMT

Letter To The Prime Minister

<img alt="everybody banner" src="" width="300" height="35" /> Nobody plans on becoming a special needs parent. Nobody. You don't visualize the future caring for your child for the rest of your life. Inadvertently you are training them to be independent from a very young age.
11/08/2017 14:06 BST