Liz Bales

CEO of The Industry Trust for IP Awareness

Liz Bales joined the Industry Trust for IP Awareness in November 2006 following seven years at Universal Pictures UK. During her time at the Industry Trust, Liz has specialised in consumer outreach and education programmes in relation to copyright and the creative industries, consumer research and campaign evaluation and is a regular spokesperson for the audio-visual industry in this field.

The Industry Trust has delivered an extensive range of education campaigns across a variety of audiences spanning young males, youth and parents. Raising awareness of copyright and its role in underpinning production in the audiovisual sector, the campaigns have consistently struck a chord with audiences, improving value perceptions and knowledge around legal sources of audiovisual content.
Content Theft Is No

Content Theft Is No Game

Copyright is what underpins the UK's creative industry and the future career opportunities available to young British talent, so bringing this understanding into the classroom is imperative.
29/04/2016 17:33 BST
Connectivity and The Future of

Connectivity and The Future of Film

With the growth of the internet and internet-connected devices, more and more of us are used to finding content at our fingertips, at the touch of a button. So what does this mean for the future of film and the way that we access entertainment?
07/12/2013 19:48 GMT
The Growing Demand for Digital Film, TV and Video

The Growing Demand for Digital Film, TV and Video Services

While cinema, DVD and Blu-ray remain the nation's favourite ways to watch a film, with new innovations such as UltraViolet - which allows consumers to buy a DVD or Blu-ray bundled together with the right to access that film online via the UltraViolet digital content library - film fans are being offered even more official ways to watch, both on and offline.
29/01/2013 15:06 GMT