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Marketing Manager at We Love Dates. Does not enjoy long walks on the beach

Liz is the senior editor and social media manager at We Love Dates, a leading worldwide online dating site based in the UK. A former marketing account executive in the fashion industry, a bad breakup spurred Liz to start her first blog 5 years ago and she has been happily over-sharing with anyone who will read ever since. Obsessed with all things dating, love and tech, Liz has been referred to as the brunette Carrie Bradshaw on more than one occasion. If it's a day that ends in "Y", most likely you will find Liz furiously typing away on her laptop dispensing online dating advice for the award winning We Love Dates blog with a huge espresso nearby. Or two, if we're being honest. Follow her every thought on Twitter and Google+.

Four Ways to Make Every Day Valentine's Day

While I admit that I don't have a huge problem with Valentine's Day as a whole and am quite looking forward to the plans I have with my cute man on Saturday, I don't agree that Valentine's Day should be the only day you go out of your way for the one you care about.
16/02/2015 10:32 GMT

How to Have a 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Relationship In Your Real Life

Real life is, at times, boring, censored and totally predictable. I'm surprisingly okay with that, but it seems that most women aren't. If you're a woman reading this right now, chances are high that you've read Fifty Shades of Grey, or if you're an overachiever, the whole trilogy.
05/02/2015 15:34 GMT

Four Awkward Online Dating Moments and How to Handle Them

A new relationship is the perfect breeding ground for awkward moments, especially when you're dating someone from the internet. While there is nothing you can do to prevent these awkward moments from happening, there are ways to handle them so they don't leave a lasting impression.
28/01/2015 15:15 GMT

The Number One Thing You Should Never Forget About Love

Love doesn't make sense. Love isn't supposed to. Love is here to catch you off guard, surprise the heck out of you, to show up when you aren't expecting it and make a mess of things. Love's job is to challenge you, make you a better person, sustain you through difficult times.
13/01/2015 12:20 GMT

Ten Things Married People Want for Christmas

I'm fairly certain that most of my single friends think that since I'm a newlywed, there is nothing I could possibly want- don't I have it all? Besides the pair of over the knee boots I've been eyeing for months, yes, at least when it comes to matters of the heart I feel pretty satisfied to say the least.
17/12/2014 16:38 GMT

Five Ways to Handle a Broken Heart During the Holidays

While I'm sure you wish you could just hibernate from the world and re-emerge in the New Year, it's just not practical during the holidays when you have parties and family functions to attend. Here are some ways to handle a break-up during what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of year.
05/12/2014 18:36 GMT

Four Things to Do If You're Meeting the Parents This Holiday Season

If you've been dating someone new for the past few months, chances are that you'll be meeting their family this holiday season. Meeting the parents (and the grandparents, and the siblings and the family friends....) is always nerve-wracking and there seems to be even more pressure to make a good impression this time of year. Here are four ways to make a great first impression this holiday season.
24/11/2014 11:59 GMT

Five Romantic Gestures That Your Man Will Actually Appreciate

Romance shouldn't be only reserved for the ladies. Men need to be wined and dined too, only their idea of romance generally tends to look a little different than rose petals on the bed. Here are five romantic gestures that will sweep the man in your life off his feet.
12/11/2014 09:28 GMT

Four Ways to Prevent Dating From Stressing You Out

Many, many things in life are stressful. Work, finances, family shouldn't be one of them. Sure, it's not always going to be rose petals and long walks on the beach, but at it's core, dating should be fun, not some drag on your resources-emotionally, mentally or financially.
03/11/2014 17:09 GMT

How to Enjoy Every Second of Being Single

For many people, "single" is some what of a dirty word. They hope that it's a temporary thing, that soon they'll bump into the love of their life and finally, they won't be the dreaded single anymore, they'll be half of a duo, cloaked in the security of a relationship. While there is nothing wrong with falling in love, there is also nothing wrong with being single.
14/10/2014 09:41 BST

Five Things I've Learned in the First Year of Marriage

Sunday will be my first wedding anniversary, and it feels like just yesterday I was a major ball of stress, preparing for the happiest day of my life. While I'm definitely not quite yet the authority on marriage (I'll get back to you in 50 years), I have learned a few things during the last year of being a married woman. Here are the top five.
10/10/2014 17:07 BST

Five Ways To Be the Best Girlfriend He's Ever Had

Not all men are created equal, but there are some common qualities nearly every guy looks for in a woman. Here are the top five ways you can be the best (and hopefully last!) girlfriend he's ever had.
24/09/2014 10:48 BST

Your Essential 'Cuffing Season' Survival Tips

Cuffing Season occurs just like clockwork at the end of Summer/beginning of Fall/Winter. Your summer flings are winding down, the weather is turning chilly and suddenly, you have an intense desire to be "cuffed" aka in a serious relationship.
16/09/2014 13:54 BST

Five Things That Aren't Worth the Fight in a Relationship

I'm a big believer that fighting can be beneficial in a relationship. You can grow together, learn from one another and establish boundaries if you keep your arguments healthy and constructive. However, it's important to pick and choose your battles wisely as not all fights are created equal. Here are five things that just aren't worth a heated argument with your partner.
10/09/2014 17:26 BST

Three Reasons Why Being Nice Is More Important Than Being Sexy

I don't believe that nice guys finish last. At all. Whatsoever. In fact, male or female-being a genuinely nice and caring individual will take you much further, and much faster, than being the hottest person in the pub or on your online dating website.
29/08/2014 11:39 BST

5 Reasons No Woman Is 'Out of Your League'

If you're a single guy, chances are you've met a woman and thought to yourself "I really like her, but she's out of my league" and therefore took yourself out of the game before giving her a chance to reject you...or not.
21/08/2014 12:08 BST

Five Reasons Men Might Think You're 'Needy'

A man will run screaming for the hills if he is afraid he's met a stage five clinger. However, many times a woman will project that she's needy without even knowing it, when that might not be the case! Here are five of the top things women do that scare men into thinking she's needy.
03/08/2014 19:56 BST

10 Surprising Ways to Tell If a Guy Likes You

How many times have you and a friend split a bottle of wine and proceeded to dissect a man's every move, trying to figure out if he likes you. While the best way to determine how a guy really feels is to give it time and then put your big girl pants on and talk to him about it, here are 10 signs that the odds might ever be in your favour.
15/07/2014 11:49 BST

Is It True Love? 20 Ways To Tell

It's not always easy to tell if the person you're dating is going to be around for the long haul. Here are 20 signs that will make it crystal clear if you've found the one... or not!
02/07/2014 17:12 BST