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How a Near Life Experience Changed My Life

Perhaps it was being put deep under by the anaesthesia, for I am told it really is a little like dying. Well the closest one comes to dying without actually... dying; when you are sedated enough for them to cut into you. Maybe it was that which dropped me deep into myself, enough to touch the stuff that really mattered. The debris hidden behind decades of conditioning shot to the top.
31/10/2014 10:45 GMT

Ten Point Strategy for Indie Authors

My writing straddles too many genres to be categorised. So I turned Indie. However, when my self-published, first novel made it to the Amazon bestseller list, I realised I had a niche: a group of readers around the world who liked what I wrote. They wanted to know what it meant to come of age in a complex environment like India.
17/06/2014 15:14 BST

Ten Publishing Trends: An Indie Author's Take

The most interesting part of a publishing conference is normally the wrap-up session. By then, you have worked out that all the authors are in the same boat: i.e. hoping to be mainstream published, but meanwhile contemplating going Indie.
03/03/2014 15:52 GMT

Eleven Reasons Why I Selfie: And You?

I thought I had moved on, until technology brought it all back in reverse focus: to my self. And, now that these pictures I take of my reflection have been officially recognised as an art form, it's made taking self-portraits even more weirdly appealing.
30/12/2013 15:25 GMT

Did British Airways Finally Get it Right?

Many many years later, BA has come up with another one - a five minute clip which has forced me to see it in a more kindly light. In the tradition of the best (or worst as you may see it) reality TV programming tradition, the ad unabashedly tugs at the heart strings of immigrants like myself, tracing the journey home and how it feels to surprise your parents with a sudden visit.
07/08/2013 13:14 BST

Is Crowdfunding the Way Forward for Indie Films?

"I put up on my blog that I had written a movie script titled LUCIA, and was looking for investors," remarks Pawan. "I gave the audience the option to put in little chunks of money in the project, the idea was to make a good movie which was purely an artist's work and was free of market pressures. I was able to raise 51lakhs (£ 55,584) in just 27 days."
31/07/2013 15:03 BST

Does 80% of Happiness Come From 20% of Your Life?

The bottom line seems to be 80% of that much sought after self-fulfillment kind of happiness comes from the 20% of my time which I am able to spend writing. Tying in with that oft quoted/ misquoted 80-20 rule or, the law of the vital few, which states roughly 80% of the effects, comes from 20% of the causes.
01/07/2013 12:27 BST

Are We Writing Too Much to Be Reading?

If I could spend even seven days, in my own home unplugged from my devices, perhaps I could recapture some of that stillness inside which is so needed to create--to read or write.
11/06/2013 14:55 BST

Can You SEO Your Way to the Bestseller List?

Chris McVeigh-- he runs FourFiftyOne a digital publishing consultancy as well as seoforbooks--said, "SEO is a huge opportunity for Indie authors to become discoverable" adding "it is not a discoverability but a visibility problem for many authors."
11/06/2013 12:58 BST

Is Kindle Worlds a Pure Content Marketing Move?

Here is a community where these high affinity content generators feed off each other, building on each other's ideas and elements, taking up the plot lines where the others leave. A vibrant creative world, set around the show or game or movie of that world, which grows with each new story, generating new ideas for the original content producer or studio.
28/05/2013 13:30 BST

The Ultimate in Social Media Envy?

A young friend passed away in an accident and to my horror his Facebook profile turned into a virtual memorial of sorts, with people leaving condolences and fond reminiscences; and of course friends liking their comments too.
07/04/2013 19:30 BST

How Whittington Hospital Saved My Life

Today NHS managers want to sell off part of the Whittington site, cutting almost 570 jobs to leave the hospital with reduced maternity services, ward closures and fewer beds for the elderly. Why cut funding for something which works? At what cost is the government saving costs?
26/02/2013 11:23 GMT

What Does It Take, to Start a Start-up?

When Taavet Hinrikus, moved from Estonia to London, he was shocked at the bank rates he had to pay to send money back to his hometown. Then, a friend and fellow Estonian faced the same problem and talking about it, they came up with an idea to beat the system.
04/02/2013 16:07 GMT

Sophiya's Choice, 1971 - 2013

Sophiya Haque was the first Indian looking female face I had seen in a music video which set easy-to-get English words to the strains of Indian ragas and was broadcast on an honest-to-goodness mainstream music channel in India.
18/01/2013 12:43 GMT

The Rape of My Image of Modern India

For too long has the common woman in India lived like second-class citizens. It is time we were treated like the very goddesses so revered in Indian culture and tradition.
28/12/2012 14:24 GMT

An Inspirational Rags-to-Riches Story

Rajinikanth is, quite simply, the biggest superstar, cinema-crazy India has ever seen. His stylized dialogues and screen mannerisms are legion, as well, his guy next door-cum-superhero image has found a hysterically appreciative following among millions of moviegoers.
11/12/2012 12:34 GMT

Why NaNoWriMo is Like a Weights Work-Out

An estimated 256,618+ writers around the world participated in NaWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month, which lasts through November, last year. This year<em> I</em> am one of them (gulp!)
20/11/2012 14:53 GMT