Lorraine Dallmeier

Biologist, Environmental Scientist and Director of Formula Botanica, the award-winning organic cosmetic science school

Lorraine is a Biologist, Environmental Scientist and eLearning Entrepreneur. Lorraine is the Director of Formula Botanica, the accredited Organic Cosmetic Science School, which has enrolled 3,500+ students in 120 countries. Formula Botanica’s award-winning courses teach you how to formulate high performance, professional natural cosmetics and start your organic skincare or haircare brand.

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A Manifesto For Ditching Boring White Skincare

Virtually all of the mainstream creams and lotions you can buy are white in colour. The shelves of your local shops are packed full of white skincare. Let's face it - most people would be stunned if the creams they'd been purchasing for years suddenly turned green, pink or yellow.
16/11/2017 16:07 GMT

Concern About Chemicals Is Driving Green Beauty Growth

I asked myself this question earlier this year and decided to find out. I wanted to understand why shoppers are increasingly looking for natural or organic alternatives to the mainstream formulations that have filled bathroom cabinets for decades.
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Is Zero Waste Beauty The Next Big Trend?

If you want to buy from a zero waste beauty brand, what should you be looking for? Let's go through the life cycle of a beauty product and unpick its journey from cradle to grave so that we can build up a clearer picture.
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