Lotte Lane

Writer, Awesomiser, Chronic Over-Sharer

Lotte Lane is a writer, awesomiser and chronic over-sharer. She would like a more snappy job title but this is the best thing she's come up with so far.

When she's not getting sucked into Internet wormholes, attending to her children or eating cake, Lotte pens a popular (and navel-gazey) blog at Her writing has been described as ' gutsy, honest and uplifting', 'right to the heart of humanity', and 'like an exercise in CBT'. She also writes for the Blurt Foundation.

Lotte's first book ' Everything is Awesome: how I met the man of my dreams, conquered depression and found my true calling in life' was published in 2014, , and in 2015 she helped others speak their truth via her block-busting blogging challenge Come Blog With Me. She has not yet decided what lies in wait for 2016.

Lotte's mission in life is to have a bloody good time and to convince everyone that they're awesome, just as they are.

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March 22, 2015