Lou Armour

Performer, teacher of children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and a former Royal Marines Commando.

Lou Armour joined the Royal Marine Commandos in 1974, specialising as an infantry weapons instructor, helicopter abseil dispatcher and military parachutist (onto land and into the sea). He has served in Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Italy, Sardinia, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Norway, USA and the West Indies.
In 1979 he saw active service in Northern Ireland with 40 Commando RM. Three years later, on 2 April 1982, Lou was fighting on the Falkland/Malvinas Islands, taken prisoner, and returned to England. He then volunteered to join 42 Commando RM to fight again between 21 May - 14 June.
After leaving the marines in 1986, he enrolled at Lancaster University where he read for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Art History, following which he wrote a PhD on the philosophy of colour. He has published on the logical grammar of colour concepts.

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