Louise Phillips

PR Consultant and former Lib Dem staffer

Louise is a Consultant for Open Road Communications and a former senior Press Officer for the Liberal Democrats.

Are the Lib Dems Giving Up More Than the Tories in Government?

Are the Lib Dems giving up too much to be in power? Are the Tories being forced to give up too much to keep the coalition together? Is Cameron secretly happy that he can temper the right wing of his party by using the excuse that the Liberals won't stand for it?
20/02/2012 09:42 GMT

The Lib Dems are Modernising Their Party as Well as Their HQ

For years no one paid attention to the Lib Dems. Universally thought of as inoffensive, policies that were generally ignored by the public became unrealistic or incoherent. At one party conference back in 2003, a serious debate was held on the rights of goldfish. Beards. Sandals. Porn for teenagers. To say the party lacked credibility would, to put it bluntly, be kind.
29/08/2011 02:15 BST

Why Miriam González Durántez Should Be Applauded

While Quentin Letts frets that Nick would be unable to concentrate during Cabinet meetings for fear he has forgotten to pack his sons' PE kits, and Judith Woods asks why, 'if the children are such a priority', his wife has a job that involves traveling, I and many of my contemporaries applaud women like Miriam González Durántez for showing that there is a role for bright, successful women with families that extends beyond window dressing.
14/07/2011 15:53 BST

What It's Like Being A LibDem Press Officer

My name is Louise Phillips, and I used to be a Liberal Democrat press officer. It's been almost a year since I left the party, and over 14 months since the General Election when we went into coalition with the Tories. And to get things straight right off the bat, no, that's not why I left.
04/07/2011 19:35 BST