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Loulou Storey a Style and Confidence Coach, where style and wellbeing meet. Passionate about inspiring and teaching women to use clothing as a tool to a happy future. Style guider, outfit inspirer, wardrobe detoxer. Learn how to style your story with Confidence.

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How Getting Dressed Every Day Cured My Anxiety

I had it all planned. 32 weeks into my pregnancy we'd move from London to Brighton. I'd pop back into my favourite jumpsuit straight after delivery and set up a profitable styling business during maternity leave. Obviously home and work would be perfectly balanced.
10/10/2017 15:42 BST

The Confidence Gap: A Guide To It And How To Reduce It

As a Style and Confidence Coach I am naturally intrigued by any study, report or article related to confidence. Our confidence is a valuable resource and is one that we can strengthen and improve everyday. When we are without it, life can feel challenging and restrictive especially in the workplace.
04/10/2017 13:30 BST

Do You Want To Reinvent Your Style? Then Just Get BUSY!

So hello! My name is Loulou and while you are hiding let's use the time to learn how to start dressing in a completely new way and stop feeling so disconnected from your style and yourself. I've created an easy to remember but impactful guide that will completely transform how you style and see yourself.
30/06/2017 13:00 BST

The Five Reasons Why Changing Your Wardrobe Will Help You Change Your Life

Dreams and desires matter, they shape our perception, they shape why we get up in the morning, they shape what keeps us awake at night. So when you dress yourself everyday if you feel that your clothes do not match the change you wish to see in your life then I believe its time to change your wardrobe.
10/05/2017 13:28 BST

The Secrets You Need To Know To Feel Contemporary Everyday

Probably the most important element when creating a smart casual look is to put opposites together. This is the tip that all stylists work by. Do as it says; match smart & casual. Dressy skirt with a casual t-shirt and trainers or jeans with a blouse and blazer.
28/03/2017 13:10 BST

Exclusive, Unattainable And Indulgent. Should We Care About Fashion Week?

You are hoping that the winter days will start coming to an end, that your well worn jeans and jumpers will get a break and this summer you will really embrace feminine dressing that you say you will do every year. However it appears that the fashionista's of the world don't appear to have to worry about what to cook the kids for dinner, cleaning the bathroom or getting the boiler fixed.
02/03/2017 16:19 GMT

Six Ways To Fall In Love With Yourself And Your Style

1. Give yourself a compliment. I'm sure you are probably your best critic, so its about time you became your best cheerleader! However its not so easy to start switch that on so try starting your day with a compliment to yourself as you are getting dressed. B
16/02/2017 16:29 GMT

The Five Shopping Fears. Which One Do You Have?

I believe we can all look and feel great in our clothes but we do have to get the shopping bit sussed so I challenge you to face your fear and start to recognise why you might be finding it so hard.
30/11/2016 15:59 GMT

Ten Secrets To Eliminating That I Have Nothing To Wear Feeling

A lot of us wish that we dressed with more character, style and passaz and blame our clothes and lack of time as the trouble makers for our uninspired appearance. I am here to help you perk up your style and help you realise that there is a lot more excitement in your wardrobe than you give it credit for.
22/11/2016 15:27 GMT

Where Are You In Fashion Now And Where Could You Be?

I was never the best at sport, I wasn't the best academically and the boys appeared not to be interested in me, but fashion and clothing gave me a creative outlet and a way to define myself. An opportunity to say 'I'm not as boring as you think', or maybe a more likely story, 'not as boring as I feel.'
07/11/2016 15:12 GMT

Seven Reasons You Should Start Dressing Like Your Mum

So here are my seven reasons, taken from advice given to me over the years, as to why I think you should start dressing like your mum and I think these reasons, regardless of your age are going to help you to feel stylish and gorgeous everyday.
30/10/2016 21:18 GMT