Lucy Self

Restaurant PR by day - food writer the rest of the time...

Lucy likes food. She likes other stuff but food will always come first. Mostly to be found wondering around London’s streets, sniffing out the next great gastro pub or perfect Scotch egg. These finds will invariably end up on her blog Butter Is Better or on one of the many foodie website she contributes to including Hot Dinners and Foodepedia. When not stuffing her face and writing about it, she spends her days enticing other journalists to do the same through her Account Executive role at Roche Communications.
Lucknam Park Hotel and

Lucknam Park Hotel and Spa

The BBC adaptation of <em>Pride & Prejudice</em> was a pivotal telly moment for me. I learnt that you can still be a strong sassy woman whilst obsessing over Colin Firth. Bore a lifelong love of corset-heaving period dramas. And gave me a bit of a thing about driveways.
17/05/2016 13:39 BST
New London Brunch

New London Brunch Options

The weekend brunch. Giving us carte blanche to booze before midday and eat a billion, béchamel-laden calories. I'm sure there are some that think this mid-way meal a waste of time and money, but they are deranged.
07/04/2016 17:18 BST
Summer Steps: A Guide to Alfresco Drinking in

Summer Steps: A Guide to Alfresco Drinking in London

Weirdly when I mention step drinking to anyone other than my band of reprobate friends, it's generally been frowned upon. But I say screw society! Keep your rammed pub garden benches at the merest hint of a heat wave. When the mercury hits its 20 plus height, you will find me, boyf in tow, swilling somewhere you can always get a seat...
04/06/2015 17:33 BST
London Food Trend: Japanese

London Food Trend: Japanese Restaurants

Oh we do love a food trend us Londoners and one that is currently grabbing the capital by the goolies is Japanese. And not just your standard sticky yakitori skewers, hand-made sushi rolls and slices of delicate sashimi - but flavour combos that take Japanese tradition and send it down an unfamiliar road of culinary tangents and cultural roundabouts.
12/05/2015 11:23 BST
Three Weeks in New Zealand - Travel Tips and

Three Weeks in New Zealand - Travel Tips and Tales

It turns out, once I'd cleared up any pre-conceptions about the food scene, I fell as hard for New Zealand's beauty as I did for the man who brought me there. First step: extend that map in my mind to include a 'must revisit' pin. Second step: learn to drive...
06/03/2015 12:54 GMT
A Tour of South

A Tour of South Devon

Despite feeling very strongly about it (note the exclamation points!) - I'm not going to say it's the best place in the UK. Just thank it profusely for being my own personal spur to start exploring this brilliant land we live on. So before I exhaust my store of superlatives for South Devon, here's some things you should definitely take note of if you're planning a trip down there...
18/11/2014 14:15 GMT
Camp Bestival: Culinary Round

Camp Bestival: Culinary Round Up

Before I begin the account of my first festival experience, it might be a good time to explain why my 28-year-old, party-adoring, find-any-excuse-to-drink-before-midday self has taken so long to get pitched. You see, I thought they were all about the music.
27/08/2014 15:04 BST
Hot Food and Drink Ideas for

Hot Food and Drink Ideas for Summer

Don't know about anyone else, but once the mercury hits above 20 - I shed the skin of a (semi) responsible person and get utterly side tracked by the pursuit of pleasure. That dead area at the beginning of the week (I think they call it Sunday-Tuesday) becomes a gin-sodden round of boozy picnics, 'just the one' after work drinks/dins and pub garden pick me ups...
03/07/2014 15:48 BST
The Endless Beat of the

The Endless Beat of the Burger

n the eight years I've been writing about food, London's (and subsequently the rest of the country's) obsession with burgers has been steadily building. I've written countless articles on the comings and goings of the patty power players.
14/02/2014 14:24 GMT
A Visit To Truck

A Visit To Truck Stop

Truck Stop is located behind Canary Wharf, in the bit of water that runs between there and Docklands. The 20 vendors duo of makeshift bars manned by Rotary, BBQ smoke pit and 'patch of grass' are all housed on a platform in the middle of the water accessed by a bridge.
25/07/2013 12:36 BST
Top Eating and Drinking Spots South of the

Top Eating and Drinking Spots South of the River

We all know that Londoners are divided by one thing and one thing only. The river. For every North Londoner who will swear blind that they have the coolest bars, there will be a South Londoner arguing that you'll find the most eclectic restaurants on their side of the Thames.
28/06/2013 11:30 BST