Luke Bretherton

Professor of Theological Ethics, Duke University

Luke Bretherton is Reader in Theology & Politics at King's College London,
author of Christianity & Contemporary Politics (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010) and
is currently writing a book on community organizing and the future of
democratic citizenship. As well as numerous academic articles, he writes
in the media (including The Guardian, The Times and ABC Religion &

His areas of academic research include the relationship between
Christianity, grassroots democracy, movements for social change, social
welfare provision and patterns of inter-faith relations. He is actively
involved in politics as part of Citizens UK, has advised the UK government
on the relationship between community organizing and strengthening civil society, and is a contributor to the development of 'Blue Labour' as a
political vision. As of 2012 he will be taking up a post as Assoc Prof in
Theological Ethics at Duke University.