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Maike Bohn

Founding member of the3million

Maike is a EU citizen with a German passport, living in England. Spokeswoman of the3million, education expert, consultant. Writes about EU citizens in the UK.
EU Citizens In

EU Citizens In Limbo

The government has kept us guessing for a year. It has kept employers and landlords guessing too who are wondering whether EU citizens are too risky to employ or house. Lives are on hold. People have lost faith in the government after many u-turns by politicians who promised our lives wouldn't be affected by the referendum outcome.
23/06/2017 09:58 BST
What A Time To Have No

What A Time To Have No Voice

One of Europe's oldest democracies is in trouble. We need nuance, grownup debate, compromise, rather than a binary "you lost, we won" attitude. Britain has 20 years of structural neglect to make up for. Blaming foreigners and using the language of war will do nothing to help us prosper. May is no Churchill and the EU is not the enemy. Proportionate representation and a fair, free press would restore my faith in the country I call my home
30/05/2017 16:25 BST
Standing Up For EU Citizens'

Standing Up For EU Citizens' Rights

The vote in the Lords restored some much-needed sanity to the debate about EU citizens' rights. It finally gave a public, and a political, voice to three million people who couldn't vote in the referendum and have been feeling speechless ever since. The Lords sent a strong message to Theresa May: people have been struggling with the uncertainty, and leaving their future hanging during the negotiation process goes against the very British principle of fairness.
05/03/2017 00:04 GMT
'This Is Not Your Country' - Identity And Nationalism

'This Is Not Your Country' - Identity And Nationalism Post-Brexit

"This is not your country" - my neighbour said to me 20 years ago after a louder-than-usual party the previous night... An Irish friend came to my rescue, telling her that England wasn't his country either and that she should be ashamed of herself. Now, after 25 years of living, working and raising a family in the UK, the same is happening again: friends and strangers are coming up to me to remind me how much I am part of this country.
05/12/2016 16:29 GMT