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I'm a science journalist and write about news, views and research on sex and attraction, relationships and reproduction, and write the blog Sexy Science:

I'm also an evolutionary biologist and have studied the behaviour of monkeys and whales, as well as humans.

The Secret To Negotiating High Salaries For Women

So role models, as we're growing up, in the workplace, and in the media, make all the difference in shaping our expectations and aspirations, and our professional behaviour doesn't need to clash with how we feel we should be behaving as men or as women. All the more reason then, that the BBC should explicitly pay its top women, as well as its top men, top whack.
24/07/2017 14:26 BST

Some Women Are From Mars. Some Men Are From Venus

They had a couple of the little people on the red sofa, and I have to say, I totally fell in love with feisty little Eva. The 5-year-old totally nailed the whole male-female difference issue; one that social commentators and academics have been fighting about for years.
03/02/2017 11:56 GMT

Is Skinny Really Just a Fashion Choice?

Too skinny isn't good of course, and in women a small waist but ample butt is a good thing biologically, since as we've seen recently, such an hour glass figure is perfect for supplying the lipids an unborn baby needs for brain development.
03/02/2015 14:38 GMT

Which Sex Wins Is a Question of Supply and Demand

You may be wondering where you can find the best sex ratio. Clearly several things have an effect on the number of available partners of the opposite sex but as a general rule, cities tend to have more women while rural areas have more of a concentration of men.
24/11/2014 14:17 GMT

Disney Knows What Makes Women Really Angry

The best Disney depictions of human nature lately, I think, are the ones that show what makes women really really angry. And what do you think that is? It's not being bumped into second place in the 'who is the fairest of them all' stakes. It's being deceived into thinking that the man of your dreams is in love with you for ever and ever...
10/11/2014 10:04 GMT

Why the Mystery About Women's Orgasms?

What do you know about women's orgasms? If you're a woman you know about your own ones but you're probably in the dark about whether they're the same in quality and quantity as your friends' (they're probably not) and if you're a man, unless you're particularly attentive, the whole thing is most likely a total mystery.
20/08/2014 17:06 BST

Do our Kids Need 'Proceptive' Advice?

Highly educated women do have a higher chance of not having a family. Childlessness is on the rise and has nearly doubled in the UK since the 90s, but given the extensive press coverage in recent times of high-profile or careerist women choosing to forego the child-rearing experience you could be forgiven for thinking that most of those without children are of the 'child-free by choice' variety.
23/05/2014 10:53 BST

What You Didn't Know About How the Pill Is Affecting Your Relationship

It turns out that the use of hormonal birth-control impacts on our sexual desire, our relationship satisfaction and our attractiveness in a multitude of ways, but before you rashly chuck your contraceptives into the bin, take note that the effects can be positive as well as negative. Seems confusing? Scientists certainly think so...
14/05/2014 17:54 BST