Malcolm Levene

A Personal Branding expert

Malcolm Levene's been a Personal Branding coach for 20 years. He teaches people how to significantly improve their business skills, their life-skills, and their businesses by developing their very own Personal Brand. His private clients have included Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, Michael Marks CBE, Michael Gove MP and notable individuals from the world of business, politics and entertainment. Malcolm works with businesses and individuals to help them project an authentic Personal Brand, a Brand that accurately portrays who they are from the inside out. He offers his extensive experience to enable people to attain their goals, maintain focus and be highly effective in their day-to-day interactions. Malcolm’s corporate clients include Prudential, Deutsche Bank, Tesco, Volvo, The Bank of New York Mellon, Google, London School of English, Pictet and McDonald’s. Malcolm's a passionate advocate of authenticity as a key to success in life and in business, He writes and speaks publicly about the subject. He's written two self-development books, both of which have been published in the UK and the USA, 10 Steps To Fashion Freedom and Ellie Hart Goes To Work. He writes a regular blog for The Huffington Post. Malcolm has been profiled in The New Yorker, The Independent and The Observer. He is often quoted by the Press and has appeared on television as an expert regarding Self Development for Business Success, Identity and Personal Branding both in the UK and the USA. Up until 1994, Malcolm owned and ran the MALCOLM LEVENE retail fashion establishment in London's West End. He's a member of the Barclays Faculty Team, and was voted 'The Best of British Men', in the book of the same title. Recently, Malcolm accepted the post of Visiting Professor of the Metropolitan University, London. Malcolm is also a TEDx speaker.

Letting Go...

I still find it challenging to completely let go of past hurts, disappointments, selfish individuals and disloyalty. This has often occurred because although my intuition is saying no, the eager-to-please me has responded with yes.
16/11/2017 13:28 GMT
Less Arrogance And More

Less Arrogance And More Humility

Currently, it seems to me that humility is in short supply. That's sad as it's <em>the</em> characteristic that enables us to communicate more effectively. In addition, it's humility that demonstrates how the power of our Inner Brand can shine brighter.
06/11/2017 12:08 GMT
Doing It Your

Doing It Your Way

It's taken me quite a while to own up about doing it<em> my way</em>. The main reason being, until about 10 years ago, I wasn't entirely sure what my way was. Now I'm confident in believing that my way will resonate with a large number of people
12/10/2017 11:12 BST
Our Attitude Can Determine Our

Our Attitude Can Determine Our Altitude

By upping your game regarding your attitude - you'll become a magnet for the kind of people you want to attract. In addition, you'll feel much more at ease with strangers & those you aren't normally drawn to. That's not to say that all your social interactions will be perfect, but they will certainly improve. Moreover, you will have a much improved relationship with yourself. Finally, remember it's your attitude that will have a positive or negative effect on your altitude.
20/09/2017 14:51 BST
Distractive Or

Distractive Or Attractive?

Nowadays, when one walks into a clothing retailer, we can be overwhelmed by the plethora of styles, fabrics and colours. Begin by just perusing, and if something takes your eye, inspect the item further. Does it look right and feel right? Yes, by feeling the item, we often make a connection. Does it appear to be well made and do the details appear congruent?
10/08/2017 11:28 BST
Much Ado About

Much Ado About Nothing

Clearly, this blog was inspired by Shakespeare - I believe his words continue to stand the test of time. At times, we humans can tend to create dramas as a way to attract attention, gain notoriety, or to just add more colour to our personality.
07/07/2017 14:24 BST

Clean Language...

Sometimes I can over garnish when I talk (old habits die hard). In saying that, if one considers how to edit what we say, that helps. For instance, leave in anything that's relevant or you feel is important, remove anything superfluous or almost irrelevant
31/05/2017 14:25 BST
Oh My

Oh My Word...

By trusting ourselves we learn how to be more authentic - it's how we can accomplish taking more positive actions and make better decisions. Then, almost by osmosis we learn about who else we can trust.
16/05/2017 12:09 BST
Less About Not Giving Up, More About Not Giving

Less About Not Giving Up, More About Not Giving In

That's not to say that these people are in denial, ignore challenges, disappointments, etc. What they do tend to be is super-resilient, therefore able to disallow these feelings to be problematic. You might be thinking, how can I be more resilient? Well, first you need to focus on what is working in your life.
20/04/2017 11:52 BST

Social Etiquette

Is social etiquette still alive and well? For me, common courtesy needs to be far more common. Gone are the days when one displayed gratitude, a polite thank you and well-timed acknowledgements. It seems that these attributes have greatly lessened. It's as if the "all about me generation" has taken over.
05/04/2017 15:37 BST
Easier Said Than

Easier Said Than Done

Not saying that dreaming is wrong, far from it, it can ignite our imagination and generate inspiration. However, don't allow dreaming to be your <em>only</em> default position for improvement. In fact, by entirely relying on dreams to instigate our behaviour, we tend to believe we actually exist in that dream world.
01/03/2017 12:00 GMT
Having More Than One Laser Beam

Having More Than One Laser Beam Focus

So there you have it; be flexible enough so that you can focus on more than one thing in any given moment. That way, you expand your mind. Be creative and watch how your delivery, demeanour and ability to shine improves immensely.
16/02/2017 12:33 GMT
Less Than Before But More Than

Less Than Before But More Than Ever...

In short, having more joy, being more satisfied and recognising the good stuff in our lives, gives us much more than money can buy. I'm not advocating not caring about money, I am advocating caring less about it. Of course, money does make the world go round, but being happier enables us to go round and round, without becoming giddy.
13/10/2016 15:19 BST
Making the

Making the Effort

For many. considering making the effort can be intimidating. It's as if they become overwhelmed. In short, just start! For instance, are your finger nails looking good? Could your shoes do with repairing? does you suit need dry cleaning? Begin with the most obvious choices. That way you'll begin to develop a new habit. And like most habits, eventually it will become your new normal.
14/08/2016 23:25 BST
More Than

More Than Enough...

Often, I hear people say, I'm doing my best, or, That's it, I've given it all I can give. I can identify with these comments, can't you? Sometimes, we tend to beat ourselves up, for not doing more. In fact, we often do that when we've done more than enough.
26/03/2015 11:53 GMT
The Decision for

The Decision for Precision

My OCD is about being Over Consciously Detailed. In effect, what that means is, nothing is ever quite good enough. Well, that's not true. It means I'm too fussy for my own good. No, let me rephrase that, I'm very particular about my writing and my work.
10/02/2015 14:30 GMT

Never Again...

I firmly believe we tie ourselves down by saying <em>Never again</em>. Surely better to ask ourselves why we did what we did. So often, we deny ourselves of letting ourselves <em>off the hook</em>, so to speak. I regularly ask my clients to ask themselves good questions. Invariably, good questions elicit good responses.
27/11/2014 14:49 GMT