Malcolm Levene

A Personal Branding expert

Malcolm Levene's been a Personal Branding coach for 20 years. He teaches people how to significantly improve their business skills, their life-skills, and their businesses by developing their very own Personal Brand. His private clients have included Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, Michael Marks CBE, Michael Gove MP and notable individuals from the world of business, politics and entertainment. Malcolm works with businesses and individuals to help them project an authentic Personal Brand, a Brand that accurately portrays who they are from the inside out. He offers his extensive experience to enable people to attain their goals, maintain focus and be highly effective in their day-to-day interactions. Malcolm’s corporate clients include Prudential, Deutsche Bank, Tesco, Volvo, The Bank of New York Mellon, Google, London School of English, Pictet and McDonald’s. Malcolm's a passionate advocate of authenticity as a key to success in life and in business, He writes and speaks publicly about the subject. He's written two self-development books, both of which have been published in the UK and the USA, 10 Steps To Fashion Freedom and Ellie Hart Goes To Work. He writes a regular blog for The Huffington Post. Malcolm has been profiled in The New Yorker, The Independent and The Observer. He is often quoted by the Press and has appeared on television as an expert regarding Self Development for Business Success, Identity and Personal Branding both in the UK and the USA. Up until 1994, Malcolm owned and ran the MALCOLM LEVENE retail fashion establishment in London's West End. He's a member of the Barclays Faculty Team, and was voted 'The Best of British Men', in the book of the same title. Recently, Malcolm accepted the post of Visiting Professor of the Metropolitan University, London. Malcolm is also a TEDx speaker.
Not Getting What We Want Can Be Exactly What We

Not Getting What We Want Can Be Exactly What We Need

To know oneself is both a pain and a pleasure. Often the pain is going through the journey of discovery. The pleasure is finally discovering what you are here to do - your purpose. By knowing our purpose, we can establish what we are in the world to do.
16/10/2014 11:56 BST

Next Point!

Last year while watching Wimbledon on TV, a well known American tennis player mentioned how, after losing a game, her first thought was 'Next point.' I was rather taken with this attitude/approach. It kind of sums up how I coach - I focus on what's next, rather than what's happened. As you know, we can't change our past, but we certainly can influence our future.
29/07/2014 15:55 BST
Why Bother About Your Personal

Why Bother About Your Personal Brand?

Our Personal Brand is a little like our home. We must keep it clean, and ensure our Inner Brand (the internal workings) are kept in good order. Taking full responsibility for your Personal Brand can almost be a full-time job. And like any job that consumes us, we must endeavour we do our utmost to ensure our job is secure.
10/06/2014 11:36 BST
The Fashion

The Fashion Dilemma...

Your body shape is such that the latest hip-hugging pants don't suit your frame. Or, the newest shorter length jackets don't flatter your body shape. Perhaps this season's colours don't complement your skin tone, or current wardrobe.
07/05/2014 12:11 BST
Being Your Best Self - It Begins With Self

Being Your Best Self - It Begins With Self Awareness

n many ways, this is how previously closed doors to your self-development, will begin to open. You could start by asking those near to you, how their lives are. This one action, will enable you to understand how life is for others. And by so doing, you will start to see the impact<em> stuff</em> has on them, therefore, focusing less on you.
17/03/2014 14:05 GMT
Life Isn't What We Make It, It's What It Makes of

Life Isn't What We Make It, It's What It Makes of Us

By taking risks, being open to change, and allowing flexibility to be an integral part of my life, I've discovered secrets that have enabled positive changes. For instance, through being open, I have invited new and often inspiring individuals into my sphere. Also, I've been able to broaden my view of what I'm capable of.
26/02/2014 12:02 GMT
Customer Service? Simple, Just Be of

Customer Service? Simple, Just Be of Service

So often I hear individuals complain of experiencing poor Customer Service. In fact, bad, or less-than-good service seems to be the norm, these days. There's a lack common sense, little or no empathy, and an insufficient "hunger", particularly in many retail establishments.
06/12/2013 11:04 GMT
Communication...Yes, that Word

Communication...Yes, that Word again

So much of what we do is online, that it seems we've lessened our ability to communicate effectively in-person. So much so, I'd describe our online/offline persona as Jekyll and Hyde. Problem is, when/who is going to emerge, <em>Jekyll or Hyde</em>?
29/10/2013 12:52 GMT
Good Taste: It's All in the

Good Taste: It's All in the Details

An effective way to ensure you are able to come across as someone who has good taste is to keep up-to-date. Read good quality magazines that are considered tasteful, visit stores that sell stylish, of-the-moment clothes and accessories. That way, as if by osmosis, you'll become both familiar and au fait with what for some of you may be very new.
25/07/2013 13:07 BST
Communicate In

Communicate In Colour...

Great communicators are fully conscious of their words, physical gestures, appearance and grooming. That's because they do not wish anything to act as a distraction from their communication style. Also, they are top-notch listeners. They research robustly, read lots, and endeavour to mix in different cultural settings.
05/06/2013 09:30 BST
Letting It All Hang

Letting It All Hang Out

To manage one's ego takes awareness, humility, discipline, an element of self-monitoring and courage. Yes, courage, because we must be brave enough to confront our ego. Only then can we successfully transcend its manipulative grip. For me, when I sense the emergence of my ego, I visualize a deeply rich red flag, waving.
14/05/2013 12:36 BST
Personal Branding - It's A

Personal Branding - It's A Stretch

Of late, I've been coaching a few men and women who would benefit from improving their personal style. It's as if they have a blind spot when it comes to their personal taste regarding their appearance.
08/04/2013 17:56 BST
Talent Isn't Always

Talent Isn't Always Enough...

A number of the individuals I work with are very talented, however, in my considered opinion, talent is often not enough. To be able to use your talent most effectively, you also need a strategy.
14/09/2012 16:57 BST
Having Top-Notch Manners Will Distinguish

Having Top-Notch Manners Will Distinguish You

A factor that distinguishes the doers from the non-doers is their level of etiquette. Depending on how a client decides to conduct themselves, be that on a business or personal note, can determine the outcome of a coaching assignment.
09/05/2012 22:23 BST
Are You Being

Are You Being Served?

"Are you Being Served" was the title of a British TV comedy series of the 1970s. It was set in the men's and ladies' departments of a fictional department store where it housed an odd bunch of eccentric employees.
20/11/2011 21:49 GMT