Mamata Nanda

Scientist and academic turned writer of books on technology and articles on gender, class, race and society

Mamata Nanda started life as a physics lecturer in India. She moved to London and in the course of a wide-ranging career in both the industry and academia she was an information scientist, a computer programmer, a physics teacher, a computer studies lecturer and finally a senior lecturer in IT in a London university. Mamata Nanda’s writing reflects these transitions, intersections and diversities. She has written books on technology and articles on the issues of gender, class, race and society. She is currently writing a memoir based on three generations of Indian women’s lives.
Gender, Race, Class,

Gender, Race, Class, Rape

I have been thinking about a sexual offences court case whose jury process I was involved with about twenty years ago. This was a case of a mixed race girl of just thirteen against a white man in his early thirties.
01/09/2013 19:42 BST
British Jobs For British People: A Migratory

British Jobs For British People: A Migratory Perspective

I came to this country about forty years ago. I had an MSc in physics and my undergraduate degree was in physics and maths. I applied for and luckily got a reasonably good job within a few weeks and even changed jobs a few times in the next two years.
19/08/2013 14:56 BST