Mandy Lehto

Mandy Lehto, PhD, is a Best-Self Coach, Writer & Personal Presence Expert

Mandy Lehto is a Best-Self Coach who specialises in working with people who are world-class, or are aiming to be. Her expertise is in helping clients to exude powerful, authentic personal presence. Mandy has a PhD from Cambridge University, and was a Director at an investment bank in her previous career. She writes a column for Psychologies magazine and blogs at

Three Surefire Ways to Whack a Sucky Mood

So your mood is radioactive, and though you've noticed it's not serving you - or anyone around you - it can be hard to snap out of it. Here are three road-tested methods I use when I feel the mental toxicity building.
21/10/2014 11:03 BST

Three Questions to Ask Your Irritated Self

So someone's pushed your buttons with a flippant comment or unconstructive criticism. You're hell-bent on keeping it together, but that double-trouble feeling of anger and emotion washes over you.
15/10/2014 14:23 BST

Can Red Lipstick Make You Braver?

It seems red lipstick can help us to exude confidence and power. But there's also an overtly sexual element to the red lip. Studies confirm that red lipstick draws attention to the mouth, especially from the opposite sex.
31/03/2013 16:08 BST

Why Helen Mirren's Pink Hair Rocks

Tony Glenville, Creative Director of the London College of Fashion, says Mirren's BAFTA look 'worked well because the pink toned with her usual hair colour, rather than being a complete change or a very harsh, silly tone.'
18/02/2013 13:23 GMT