Mandy Oxbrow

Research Scientist at UCB, working in antibody research and on a quest to understand and treat human illnesses

I’m a research scientist working at UCB in Slough, UK. UCB aspires to be the patient-centric global biopharmaceutical leader transforming the lives of people living with severe diseases.
We focus on central nervous system and immunology disorders. My role involves purifying antibody and novel antibody formats to support a wide variety of disease areas.
I started my science career as a young girl; I was fascinated in the biology of the world around me and wanted to understand why humans get ill, and how they are treated. This lead to me completing my BSc Honours degree in Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Hertfordshire. During my degree, I got the fantastic opportunity to work at GlaxoSmithKline, which further encouraged me to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry.
I am also a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Ambassador, as I really want to inspire young students into science. My aim is to help them understand the excitement and importance of science in their lives, and the career opportunities to which science subjects can lead.
In my spare time, I am very much into my pop music, and have been a PopJustice Music Prize judge twice. I am also very keen on travelling and am looking forward to spending a month in Australia over Christmas.

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