Manuel Barcia

Professor of Latin American History, University of Leeds

Manuel Barcia is Professor of Latin American History at the University of Leeds. He is also an Honorary Fellow at the Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation at the University of Hull. He edits Atlantic Studies (Routledge) and is the author of three books and several articles focusing on the history of the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Baseball and Obama Go

Baseball and Obama Go Caribbean

It is a symbolic coincidence that the Rays will visit Cuba at the same time Obama will. Back in 1960 baseball was the last open line of communication between Havana and Washington, and it seems that as the two former foes come together, baseball may again be a centerpiece for this new relationship.
21/03/2016 11:17 GMT
The Larger Battle Being Fought By the

The Larger Battle Being Fought By the Greeks

As for the EU, there's little else to say. They have gone from promising the earth and the heavens to their citizens, to becoming the executioners of the IMF and their own bankers. Pity they cannot see that by carrying out like this, they are not just destroying Greece but also the very foundations of their precious and profitable political and economic unity. For them, too, the hour of reckoning is nigh.
26/06/2015 11:40 BST
A World Where People

A World Where People Count

Just after the results of the Brazilian presidential elections were made public a few days ago, giving current President Dilma Rouseff of the leftist Workers Party a small margin of victory over her opponent Aécio Neves, the British weekly magazine <em>The Economist</em> did what it always does, and came up with one of their worst ever statements.
23/11/2014 19:27 GMT
Yet More Catholic Anti-Gay

Yet More Catholic Anti-Gay Bashing

And so, the anti-gay rants emanating from the Catholic quarters begin again. In his wisdom the new Bishop of Glasgow Philip Tartaglia has decided to suggest that the premature death of gay Labour MP David Cairns could be related to his sexual orientation.
27/07/2012 12:41 BST
A Decade for Peoples of African

A Decade for Peoples of African Descent

The General Assembly of the UN has provided Africans from Africa and from the Diaspora with a stage to make their voices heard; now the opportunity needs to be taken.
06/02/2012 14:25 GMT
Florida, the GOP Nomination Race, and the Cuban

Florida, the GOP Nomination Race, and the Cuban Embargo

Over the past months we have seen the main candidates to the GOP nomination in the United States racing towards the ultimate price, the chance of challenging Barack Obama in the presidential elections to be held later on in November this year.
18/01/2012 11:41 GMT
A Star is Born? Enter the

A Star is Born? Enter the CELAC

Barely a few weeks ago heads of state of all 33 Latin American and Caribbean countries converged in the city of Caracas to launch a new initiative for regional integration, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, better known by its Spanish acronym CELAC (Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños).
28/12/2011 14:12 GMT