Marc Abraham


TV & media vet, animal welfare campaigner, PupAid founder.

Keeping Your Pets Warm In Winter

With the onset of wintry weather, however cold it gets should never prevent us from sharing lots of fun with our families, both two and four legged members; so it's important to be fully prepared for any hazards that come with it. Here's some advice to help keep your pets warm, happy, and safe from danger during these next few chilly months.
11/01/2017 17:42 GMT

Winter Hazards For Our Pets

One of the best (and most fun) ways to ensure your pet stays warm is to provide lots of contact. Holidays usually mean more free time to spend with your animal companions so any excuse for a belly rub is always going to be well received - whatever the season!
30/11/2016 13:12 GMT

Keeping Your Pets Safe On Halloween

Sorry to sound like a killjoy but forcing some pets to become pumpkins, pirates, or even hot dogs for amusement purposes means unnecessary stress, resulting in abnormal, unwanted, even damaging behaviours. Ill-fitting outfits can also get twisted on external objects or even your pet, leading to potential life-threatening injuries especially if left unsupervised.
25/10/2016 15:39 BST

Why Banning Third Party Puppy Sales Is the Right Thing to Do

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the majority of excited, prospective puppy buyers want to be able to confidently buy a puppy that has the best possible chance of being a healthy, happy companion, and family member. In other words there's no real demand out there for irresponsibly bred puppies.
17/03/2016 20:57 GMT

2015: Year in Review

September is PupAid month so it was all hands on deck for the biggest puppy farming awareness dog show in Europe and now possibly the world.
30/12/2015 09:36 GMT

Pet Industry Federation: A Lone Voice Standing Up for Puppies in Pet Shops

Recently I had the great pleasure of attending the first ever 'Dogs in Society' conference arranged by APGAW- the All Party Group for Animal Welfare - a group of MPs, animal welfare organisations, and campaigners using the influence of politicians and experts to raise welfare of animals both nationally and internationally.
04/12/2015 20:54 GMT

What Is The Pet Industry Federation (PIF) Hiding From Us - And Why?

Serious health and behavioural issues associated with puppy farming are only compounded by the method of sale, so it's likely that the majority of puppies purchased from pet shops will be negatively impacted in some way from suffering such a poor start in life - even if not immediately apparent.
17/08/2015 22:18 BST

Open Letter to Pet Industry Federation (PIF)

The Pet Industry Federation's logic for trying to improve the way puppies are sold through pet shops rather than conceding to accept a ban, seems to be based on the belief that being 'licensed, inspected, and open to public scrutiny' makes pet shops OK, and even preferable to private sellers.
29/04/2015 18:55 BST

Open Letter to David Cavill, April 27th 2015

The crux of the matter is simple. Can pet shops sell puppies well, meaning to at least the same standard as puppies sold directly from the breeder's home, and with no detrimental impact to their welfare? No they cannot. Unequivocally they cannot.
28/04/2015 09:50 BST

In a Stew Over Easter Bunnies

Just as we try to discourage people from buying puppies as Christmas gifts, animal welfare campaigners busily spread the word that the only kind of rabbit to give at Easter should be a toy bunny, or one that's made of chocolate.
08/04/2015 22:22 BST

What Eggs Are You Expecting This Easter?

Dog faeces is not only capable of spreading diseases Neosporosis and Sarcocystosis to innocent farm animals, but also contains E. coli and Salmonella, together with a possible array of common life-threatening parasites including hookworm, tapeworm, and roundworm.
04/04/2015 22:02 BST

Open Letter to Pet Industry Federation (PIF), 25 March 2015

You claim this Quality Assurance measure will ensure the "highest standards" are reached by pet shops but you do not appear to recognise that these ought to apply to the entire supply chain rather than just the sale premises - which rarely provide for the young puppy's emotional and developmental needs.
25/03/2015 17:32 GMT

Open Letter to Pets At Home, 20th March 2015

You support a ban on the sale of puppies anywhere unless their mothers are present and of course this includes pet shops, garden centres, online, and through puppy dealers. Brilliant. Now we are finally getting somewhere.
23/03/2015 12:22 GMT

10 Reasons Why We Must Consign Wild Animal Circuses to History

Many believe wild animal circuses are already banned, as the overwhelming majority of the public turned their backs on such shows years ago. The issue refuses to go away and the prime minister is being urged to pass the ban he promised before the General Election. I am one of the many hoping he keeps his promise - here's why:
06/03/2015 14:28 GMT