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Marian Dwyer

Manager, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust, Improving Access to Psychological Therapy Service

Marian runs the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme at the Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust where approximately 1,000 people are referred per month and who present with problems such as depression, anxiety, feeling low in mood and stress.

The Hidden Depressed Millions

There are millions of people in the UK living with chronic depression, surviving for years at a time with feelings of sadness, apathy and loneliness but, because their depression never reaches severe proportions, never seeking help.
27/01/2013 23:12 GMT

Watch Out for the January Blues

For many, the season of goodwill will have been a far cry from the ideal of family gatherings overflowing with gifts and laughter and will instead have been a period haunted by disappointment, anxiety, sadness, depression or even suicidal thoughts.
03/01/2013 22:55 GMT

Three Steps to a Cooler, Calmer You, This Anger Awareness Week

It's one of the emotions that causes the most physical response, with quickening heart rate, a rising body temperature and a flash of rage all too common symptoms of anger. Yet despite its strong physical effect on the body, anger remains one of the most poorly handled emotions, with many people prone either to bury it or to lash out.
30/11/2012 15:51 GMT

December Named the Most Stressful Month for UK Employees

The pressure to deliver a month's work in a matter of weeks combined with less people in the office due to a myriad of Christmas parties, left over holiday days and official bank holidays, are all expected to takes its toll as the festive season gets into full swing.
30/11/2012 12:51 GMT