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Marie Louise

Senior midwife and maternity educator

Midwife means 'with woman' in Latin and that's where you will usually find me. Caring for women and their baby's is my purpose in life. I feel an immense level of responsibility for each baby that I help bring into the world and because I'm on the front line delivering the baby's of today I think it's vital to protect the environment of tomorrow which is why I started Marie Louise Maternity LTD. I am: One of the youngest midwives in the U.K. at time of qualification; BSc Hons degree Midwifery; Internationally practising midwife; Maternity Educator; Senior midwife; Teaching qualification; eight years experience in midwifery
Second Night

Second Night Syndrome

During your baby's second night in the outside world, s/he realizes they're not in the familiar home (your womb) of the past nine months anymore. This new environment has light, loud noises, no more water, changes in movement and touch, including cuddles from strangers.
25/10/2017 14:48 BST
You'll Be Surprised At What Your Baby Learns In The

You'll Be Surprised At What Your Baby Learns In The Womb

Early on in my midwifery training I was surprised to learn just how rich a learning environment your womb provides for your baby throughout pregnancy. Your baby's health and wellbeing throughout life is crucially affected during your pregnancy.
26/09/2017 15:08 BST
Dads At

Dads At Delivery

If you are expecting your first baby I'm sure you're nervous, excited, but not quite sure what to expect or what is expected of you. I've been in midwifery for almost a decade and here's a few quick tips. I hope they help.
05/09/2017 13:00 BST
A Modern Midwife's

A Modern Midwife's Mission

As a child I had an intense fascination as to how a woman could grow a person inside her. By aged 15 I knew that I wanted to help mothers and after exams, applications and intense interviews I was ecstatic to gain a place at the University Of Greenwich to become a midwife. I turned 18 in July and was on delivery suite making my dream come true by October.
04/09/2017 14:21 BST