Marina Pearson

International speaker, author of the book Goodbye Mr Ex and Heartbreak Expert

My name is Marina Pearson and I am a speaker, author, blogger, wife and coach that support entrepreneurs and professionals to transform their stress into effortless living to reconnect with their inner truth and wisdom.

For the last 1.5 years I have been successfully working with women to overcome heartbreak, plus I have been featured in Marie Claire, Female First, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, SKY TV but to name a few.

Through my work with women and their relationships what I have realized, is that when people get into a state of confusion, self-doubt and fear they stop reconnecting, listening and trusting the one thing they got going for them to live effortlessly - their INNATE WISDOM.

The problem with this is that when we stay stressed, believing that our stress and fear is coming from outside of us; we give our power away, keep busy and avoid doing what we need to do to slow down. Instead we keep busy and driving forward, increasing the chances of burnout and illness by living in or not being able to let go of unhealthy relationships and situations.

Instead we buy into coping mechanisms, which are all short lived and temporary, which feeds into the stress cycle, affecting our health, and relationships, while feeding unhealthy habits.

I propose a new way of dealing with stress. My 1 year coaching program, events and retreats, to allow busy and stressed out professionals to truly understand where their feelings of stress and overwhelm are coming from so they can treat the root cause not the symptom. While they take the time out to reconnect, listen and trust their wisdom, they will find themselves stepping into their own bubble of effortless living – where life now becomes an enjoyable journey full of inspiration versus perspiration, so they can thrive versus survive.

I am known for giving clients the space to reconnect with who they truly are by dissolving the internal stress into a feelings of effortlessness, so they leave feeling at peace and free.