Mark Chapman

Works in the media team at Brentford FC

Deputy Head of Media and Communications, Brentford FC
Our Brixton Boy: David Bowie

Our Brixton Boy: David Bowie 1947-2016

BBC1 showed a tribute to his life and cut live to a vibrant Brixton crowd paying homage to his life. I simply had to be there and jumped on the next train to South London. Hundreds had turned up, singing songs, waving placards or simply gazing across this unplanned celebration of his life.
11/01/2016 23:22 GMT
My Memory of

My Memory of 7/7

That evening, as I absorbed the news, I made a vow to travel by tube the next morning, because if I didn't, my thoughts were that I would not step foot on another underground train for fear of what it might bring. I remember my intense apprehension on the Northern Line platform at Waterloo as the tube doors opened to reveal an empty carriage.
07/07/2015 08:55 BST
The Bradford Fire and Why It

The Bradford Fire and Why It Matters

This weekend, matches across the country will fall silent for a minute before kick-off to commemorate the Bradford fire disaster, which occurred 30 years ago.
24/04/2015 17:23 BST