Martin Edwards

Partner in the Employment team at national law firm Weightmans LLP

Martin specialises in all aspects of employment law and has appeared as an advocate before employment tribunals nationwide, as well as before the Employment Appeal Tribunal. He is regularly consulted by private and public sector organisations seeking fast and practical advice on high-profile business transactions, ranging from corporate mergers to European and Premier League football transfers.

Martin is a specialist in providing strategic advice in high profile and sensitive cases.

Martin’s clients include many solicitors, barristers’ chambers and household name companies based throughout the UK, as well as multinationals. He regularly acts for a wide range of public sector clients including education establishments, NHS Trusts and Local Authorities.

He is consistently recommended by Independent Legal directories such as Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners as a leading individual in his field.

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The Pietersen Saga: How Do You Keep A Star Employee In Check?

The Pietersen saga illustrates one of the key dilemmas of management and leadership. Star players (whether in sport or business) are often 'difficult' individuals - egotistical, conceited and selfish, yet sometimes, insecure and needy. How is it best to deal with them when they step out of line?
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The Mythology of Employment Law

For a branch of law intended, at the time of its creation less than half a century ago, to be simple, accessible and non-legalistic, employment law has become shrouded by an extraordinary number of myths and misconceptions.
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Employment Law - Is it Time to Think the Unthinkable?

Is it time to think the unthinkable about the way we employ people in Britain? The question is prompted by the leaking of Adrian Beecroft's controversial report to the government, which recommends sweeping changes to aspects of UK employment law.
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Managing the Manager

So it's goodbye to AVB. The latest Chelsea FC manager to be pushed through the exit door, Andreas Villas Boas, had only been in post since June.
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Football: A Modern Morality Tale

Cabinet ministers, and even captains of national sports teams, are exemplars of behaviour. They should be role models. Their conduct therefore needs to be judged by the highest (realistic) standards.
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Could Clark Saga be Borderline Constructive Dismissal?

The Brodie Clark case illustrates the supreme importance of thinking clearly in every organisation about the critical question of accountability. A senior and very long-serving public servant has already lost his job because of this row.
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How do you Manage a Sporting Superstar?

Tevez's apparent disobedience has already provoked widespread condemnation in the media, and many other football managers have expressed strong support and sympathy for Mancini.
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