Martin MacDonald

Online marketing professional, global keynote speaker and search industry blogger.

Martin MacDonald has worked in online marketing since the late '90s, seeing first hand the growth of Google & Social Media. He has keynoted search marketing conferences across the world and has featured on Forbes, the BBC, The Guardian and many more internationally acclaimed news outlets.
Content Marketing is Saving the

Content Marketing is Saving the Web

To stand out in the ever increasing flood of content on the internet, being good isn't good enough. You must be remarkable to stand out - and that's precisely what Content Marketing is about.
29/08/2014 14:51 BST
The Death of (Free) Keywords, Not

The Death of (Free) Keywords, Not SEO

Google finally did us all the service of stopping the charade of keyword privacy concerns in analytics packages, and finally removed them entirely from their search referrers this week. Rand Fishkin, CEO of Moz (the worlds best selling SEO toolset) wrote a piece on his personal blog, calling it the first existential threat to the industry.
07/11/2013 14:53 GMT