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Martyn Sibley

CEO of Disability Horizons

My name is Martyn Sibley. I am a regular guy who happens to have a disability called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). This means I cannot walk, lift anything heavier than a book or shower myself. Nonetheless I run Disability Horizons, am the author of ‘Everything is Possible‘, I have a Degree in Economics & a Masters in Marketing, I love travel (including an epic visit to Australia), I have great people in my life (including my soul mate), I drive my own adapted car, run my own business, have flown a plane, SCUBA dived, and I live independently on earth.

Sci Fi Inclusion

Unfortunately the disability rights movement hasn't stuck together so well since the legislation passed. There's so many differences in our needs and preferences. From the many different impairments, to the different political opinions, to the different organisations
31/08/2016 09:58 BST

How Our Goals Evolve

Earlier this month, on July 4th to be precise, it was exactly 5 years ago that I left my office job in London. My personal Independence Day! I was in Poland, about to leave for a project in Germany, and return home after 10 weeks on the road. Having been home a few weeks now, after shaking the exhaustion, it's got me thinking about lots of things.
02/08/2016 10:20 BST

Bask For All: Part One

Following a few months of planning, the guys invited Kasia and I, Kathanna from Disabled Access Holidays, and Annie from Enable Holidays for a 3 day visit. Bask For All also collaborated with Julian from Barcelona Zero Limits. And what a great itinerary it was too!
31/05/2016 12:34 BST

Are We a Step Closer to 3D Printing Disability Equipment?

The application of 3D printing is already proving to be a force for good in the development sector, and by teaming up with Google, Motivation are able to run a project looking at how 3D printing can be used to tailor mobility solutions for wheelchair users.
06/05/2016 12:19 BST

Launching Accessible Travel Week

I have always had a passion for travel and for helping others. It's very rare in life that two things we enjoy can go together. Ever since I left my London job and travelled more; this dream has been steadily becoming a reality.
30/03/2016 13:54 BST

My Visit to the Thermal Waters of Archena Spa in Spain

Nearly a week has passed since landing back in the UK from Spain. Unfortunately we were delayed for 3 hours, but with other flights being cancelled, we were actually lucky to get home. This week took me to Virgin Atlantic HQ near Gatwick and a Holiday Inn hotel around Birmingham for filming. All for the imminent launch of Accessible Travel Week. More on this in my next post.
29/03/2016 08:56 BST

Accessible Murcia

For a few months Kasia, her brothers crew in Peterborough and her parents in Poland were planning a 2 week holiday in the sun. With access, finances and children to consider - it proved tricky to arrange.
21/03/2016 13:08 GMT

A Heartfelt Post on the Disability Benefit Cuts

Since leaving my job at Scope, I've concentrated on lifestyle content. My view has been the world is so much better for disabled people. With financial investment for care support, equipment/technology and living adaptions; disabled people finally could aspire to more in life.
18/03/2016 15:17 GMT

Accessible Skiing in Catalonia

It's not so surprising to hear that Kasia and I visited Barcelona again last week. We do love a little trip there! What is less known, however, are the reasons why we went this time and what we got up to.
14/12/2015 10:11 GMT

Accessible Tenerife

My first trip was with my family when i was aged 8 years. We returned many times during my teens. Plus I've been lucky enough to visit for work in recent years too. The reasons for my love of Tenerife are far reaching.
13/11/2015 10:15 GMT

Accessible Air Travel

Now before I continue, I want to be clear that despite some of the pit falls, flying is getting better and is very worthwhile. My love of new countries, people and culture will always beat the fear of flying with a disability.
08/10/2015 11:02 BST