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Matt Chambers

Whisky and spirits writer, blogger, presenter and educator.

After over a decade of exploring the world of whisky through his award-winning blog Whisky For Everyone, Matt is now branching out to look at other spirits and drinks trends such as brandy, gin, rum and cocktails. Matt and Whisky For Everyone are considered key influencers in the spirits world - he writes for a variety of trade and consumer press, presents whisky tastings and talks for brands and companies, and judges in spirits competitions.
Why Have Minimum Alcohol

Why Have Minimum Alcohol Pricing?

One thing is for sure - after this landmark decision the debate will be reignited. Other countries around the world will undoubtedly sit up, take note and watch with interest as Scotland implements the scheme. That can only be a good thing, just like the 50p minimum pricing per unit and the predicted effects of it.
16/11/2017 17:32 GMT
Why Not Make Your Own Cocktails At

Why Not Make Your Own Cocktails At Home?

Over the last few years the whisky industry has been making a concerted effort to attract more consumers. One such way has been the idea of mixing your whisky or drinking it in a cocktail, particularly at home.
24/10/2017 11:37 BST
Whisky Tourism - The Impact On A Scottish

Whisky Tourism - The Impact On A Scottish Island

Whisky and tourism are two of Scotland's biggest exports and at Feis Ile the two combine to provide one of the single malt highlights of the year. The festival reinforces Islay's position at the top of the whisky-making tree and brings visitors and their revenue from all over the world.
14/07/2017 11:42 BST
Texas - A New Whisky Star Is

Texas - A New Whisky Star Is Rising

When most people think of American whiskey, they think of two states - Kentucky and Tennessee. This is not surprising as the biggest brands are produced there and the industry has history and heritage on its side. But now a new state is staking a claim for a share of the American whiskey pie. That state is Texas.
30/06/2017 09:59 BST
Father's Day Gifting - My Top Five

Father's Day Gifting - My Top Five Spirits

Father's Day is fast approaching on June 18 and spirits are always a good present for the important man. Here I pick five of my favourite spirits from around the world that cover various price points and offer something a little different for the special day.
07/06/2017 12:06 BST
Whisky - A Recycling

Whisky - A Recycling Nightmare?

Whisky packaging has been named and shamed as one of the top villains for recycling in a new report from The Recycling Association, the UK's largest network of independent waste and recycling operators.
19/05/2017 14:03 BST
Can Rum Be

Can Rum Be Collectable?

We are now at the stage where brands are seemingly trying to out do each other with each super premium release. You are now no longer simply paying for the liquid in the bottle but the design of the bottle itself, the craftsmanship of the cabinet/box that it is housed in, the specially commissioned commemorative book and the precious metal adornments.
27/04/2017 13:25 BST
How Did You Get In To

How Did You Get In To Whisky?

What turned you on to whisky? Was there one experience or a particular whisky you tried that got you hooked? What made the biggest first impression on you? How did you get in to whisky? These are questions that I get asked on a regular basis.
19/04/2017 14:30 BST
Rum And Cigars - A Match Made In

Rum And Cigars - A Match Made In Heaven

Rum and cigars have long gone hand in hand. The combination is largely associated with the Caribbean and one island in particular is synonymous with it. That island is Cuba. Some of the best rum on the planet is made there and it is home to many of the world's best known and biggest selling cigar brands.
06/04/2017 11:06 BST
Five Irish Whiskeys For St. Patrick's

Five Irish Whiskeys For St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day has become a worldwide phenomenon and an excuse to celebrate all things Irish. With the whiskey industry in Ireland experiencing an unprecedented boom, more people than ever will be pouring themselves a whiskey from the Emerald Isle this Friday.
17/03/2017 16:35 GMT
Havana - My Top Five Cocktail

Havana - My Top Five Cocktail Bars

Cuba is a country that has long been associated with rum, cocktails and cigars. It is spiritual home of classic cocktails such as the daiquiri and mojito and boasts some of the world's most iconic bars in the capital, Havana.
14/03/2017 13:23 GMT
Playing To Your

Playing To Your Strengths

The current buzzword in the Scotch whisky industry seems to be experimentation. This year we have seen major brands releasing whiskies that have been matured in funky wine casks, creating new recipes and collaborating with craft beer brewers. But is the phenomena in danger of snowballing out of control?
05/01/2017 12:52 GMT
Is Rum The New

Is Rum The New Whisky?

A few weeks ago, someone asked me about which spirit would be the 'next whisky'. By that they meant, which spirit would come out of the shadows in a similar way that whisky started to do about ten years ago? Whisky has become the 'new Cognac'. My prediction skills have never been good, but after some discussion we came to our conclusion - rum.
10/11/2016 14:46 GMT
Why Is Old Whisky So

Why Is Old Whisky So Expensive?

The whisky in question was the fifth and final installment of the now legendary Black Bowmore series with a recommended retail price of £16,000 per bottle. So, what are the reasons for this pricing and why do people get so annoyed by the cost of luxury items?
04/11/2016 12:31 GMT
The Rise And Rise Of Irish

The Rise And Rise Of Irish Whiskey

Whiskey in Ireland is experiencing an unprecedented boom. On the back of a general increased global demand for whisky as a spirit, the Irish side of the industry is witnessing something of a re-birth. But can this growth be sustained or will the market reach a saturation point somewhere in the future?
11/10/2016 13:37 BST
Which Whisky Would You Like? Let Me Guess

Which Whisky Would You Like? Let Me Guess ...

Dr. Moore wrote a series of trial questions and presented them to over 300 whisky consumers in different locations around the world. From the answers given he developed an algorithm that he says determines the consumer's character and therefore their preferred whisky.
12/09/2016 16:07 BST
Is Scotch Whisky

Is Scotch Whisky Dead?

The publication of a book last Autumn created a serious stir amongst the whisky community. In fact, it created a stir in the wider world with issues raised and tackled by the UK and global media.
13/01/2016 11:09 GMT