Matthew Highton

Comedian, film and game addict, conjurer of cheap tricks

Matthew Highton is writing this bio. As he writes it, he is aware that his shoes have holes in them. Such are the times…
Spending long evenings in the back of dark rooms, Matthew is an unusual comedian lost in a world of popular culture, film and gaming references. Described once as a 'risky abstractionist', he is currently working on his fourth solo show, which is set to be INCREDIBLE, or at worst titter inducingly competent.
He is a prominent member of the Weirdos collective (nominated for a 2013 chortle award), was named 'Most Chaotic Moment of 2012' alongside Fosters nominated Ben Target by London is Funny and has been busy making sketches for the BBC. Recently he's been seen staring blankly into the astral plane, where another version of himself sings a forgotten lullaby to invoke the memories of our ancestors…

September 28, 2014
September 27, 2014
January 25, 2014

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