Matthew Mills

Lead Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and Voice Coach

Matthew Mills BA (Hons) MSc cert. MRCSLT Reg.HCPC

Matthew is a Lead Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and Head of the Speech and Language Therapy Service at the 'Charing Cross' Gender Identity Clinic, London. He originally trained as an actor and musician at Guildhall School of Music & Drama and worked in theatre, film and television for 2 decades. He is a lecturer in voice at Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, London, and in speech and language therapy at the University of Greenwich.

Time To Think: A Dose Of Communicative Intention

In our voice group sessions, trans clients develop skills in being effective communicators: telling their stories about the things they hold dear, and being transformational listeners for each others. We need a global dose of this right now.
09/11/2016 16:49 GMT

Waiting for the 'Click': The Battle to Be Heard as Who We Are

The battle to have the voice we think we should have is something many trans and non-binary clients I work with are grappling with on a daily basis. Some find a comfortable place quickly and absorb voice exercises and skills easily; others are clear they are happy with their voices as they are; some take a bit of time to leave old habits behind and find new ones which feel true and sound authentic.
16/05/2016 16:54 BST

Freedom of Voice: the Naming and Un-Shaming of Ourselves

In my role as the Lead Specialist Speech and Language Therapist at the Gender Identity Clinic, London, I pose the question to my clients 'why do we feel vulnerable about our voices?' An answer is: because we do not hear our voice as others hear us.
01/03/2016 10:14 GMT

The Tide of Change: Trans Voices Getting Louder in 2015

I am the Specialist Speech and Language Therapist at the 'Charing Cross' Gender Identity Clinic in London and it's my job to enable trans clients to align their gender vocal and communicative expression to their gender identity. In a nutshell, I help transmen sound more masculine, transwomen sound more feminine and non-binary individuals find their individual sound...
23/12/2015 17:24 GMT