Melanie Kendry

English Teacher, Tutor and Writer

Melanie blogs on simple recipes to turn kids into geniuses without making them cry. At, find something delicious for ages 6-18: from zapping Apostrophe Monsters, writing up a storm, beautiful books for all ages and magical maths. If you’re struggling with dyslexia, reluctant readers or battling over revision, share your experiences and get help!
How to Help Autistic Kids With

How to Help Autistic Kids With English

As a private tutor, I often work with autistic spectrum children in English. Many of them 'don't get' English. They might struggle to understand what they're supposed to do for homework and can become so frustrated they give up. Though they may not be dyslexic, they might not read...
20/03/2014 10:42 GMT
When Does a Man Become a

When Does a Man Become a Monster?

In real life, the moral universe is rarely as clear-cut as respectable doctors vs murderers. It's about the subtle slide into the pit and the fact that often, there's something to enjoy on the way down. If there weren't something in it for us, we wouldn't go there in the first place.
29/07/2013 13:07 BST
A Verb Is Not 'a Doing

A Verb Is Not 'a Doing Word'

Grammar is drilled into us at school with rules that don't make sense. So what hope do we have? In writing, we make mistakes that we'd never make in speech. This is the clue. Verbs are tricky, even nightmarish if you get up close.
19/07/2013 11:37 BST
The Best and the Worst Meals I Have Ever

The Best and the Worst Meals I Have Ever Eaten

My mum's a magician in the kitchen. She can take a soft pink steak, put it in a pan and out comes the stuff of dreams. Slapped on the plate, on a bed of yellow lettuce is half-charcoal brick, half meat-ice cream. Did I say dreams? I meant nightmares.
20/06/2013 12:56 BST
Help My Child's Addicted to Computer

Help My Child's Addicted to Computer Games

If you don't want them on computer games every hour of the day, don't let them. Seriously. Just tell them to get off it. Set a daily time limit and stick to it. Starve their addiction, and enjoy the awesome power you've gained.
12/06/2013 11:18 BST
Celebrities: Better than

Celebrities: Better than Jesus?

The collective worship of millions - even billions - across the planet is bound to send you a tiny bit peculiar. Maybe that's what prompted John Lennon to say that the Beatles were 'more popular than Jesus'. Could it be? Is Justin Bieber bigger than God?
22/05/2013 12:26 BST
When Kids Are So Eager to Do Homework They're Beating Each

When Kids Are So Eager to Do Homework They're Beating Each Other

When kids are fighting because they all want to do maths practice - or grammar - with you, it's a nice problem to have. But also one you need to solve. What if you're handling your kids solo, and there's no one else there to get the offender(s) in a headlock so you can carry on?
07/05/2013 13:13 BST
How to Get Kids to Do

How to Get Kids to Do Homework

My son said he was afraid of getting the answers wrong because he wanted to impress me. He'd tense up and breathe faster when we started practising the times tables. The solution came by accident. I asked him to answer 'smoothly', not fast, gave him a big hug and told him we need to make mistakes to learn.
06/05/2013 00:26 BST
What's the Best Way to Revise? Cheat and

What's the Best Way to Revise? Cheat and Skive

Picture this: you're revising. But you're not entering the realm of despair, wondering about flights to South America or what you'd look like with a moustache. How is this possible? The answer's not an app, robot, or human clone and you can't buy it on the internet. Here are the low-tech secrets that will take away your revision pain.
02/04/2013 14:06 BST