Melanie Scagliarini

NGO-worker, feminist, film-maker

Melanie Scagliarini has worked within International Development and Human Rights for several years.

Women! Let's Be Angry

I have fallen in love with Rose McGowan because she is unapologetically angry. Her seething tweets calling out what she considers lies and hypocrisy - and bad taste 'jokes' - just make me want to extend my arm through the Twitter stratosphere and high five her daily for the rest of our lives.
18/10/2017 16:37 BST

Diary of a Breakdown: The Next Crash

It was the first time that I had visited A&E and not had to wait. I was raced into the medical room on a gurney, electrodes were stuck on my body to check my heart was not about to collapse. Blood tests taken to check my liver was still functioning and calculate exactly just what I had thrown down my throat.
29/07/2015 17:57 BST

Diary of a Breakdown: Friends

You don't just get over a crappy period to find the sun shining and people dancing around singing 'Happy Days Are Here Again' and drinking Pimms (unless you've joined a cult). Instead, mental illness is something that's lurking in the corner for that moment when you're a bit tired or hungover and generally a wee bit vulnerable.
05/05/2015 17:45 BST

Diary of a Breakdown: Crunch Time

A few weeks ago I had a breakdown. It was pretty spectacular. A masterclass firework display engineered by a consummate pyrotechnic expert. No expense was spared as multicolours rained down from the sky in all shapes and forms. This episode was like something I never experienced before. I lost myself. Albeit just for a moment...
07/10/2014 17:12 BST

Abortion: It's Nothing to be Ashamed Of

A woman having an abortion is considered to be a cold and heartless whore unless she regrets and apologises for it. The truth is the majority of women don't regret it - I certainly don't. I knew straight away that I would have an abortion and I've never looked back with remorse. Sometimes you have to make the least-worst choice out of a bad bunch of options.
27/05/2014 10:02 BST