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Melissa Wheeler

Fashion Writer & Columnist

Having worked in the fashion and retail scene for over 17 years, writing for trade magazines, ghost writing and contributing insights and opinion columns on industry platforms and blogs, I've developed a solid reputation in the fashion scene. In addition to creative writing, I provide consulting and marketing support for a range of clients in the fashion industry and also provides creative writing copy writing services with a broader remit. As a freelance writer and consultant, I welcomes all business opportunituies and requests for collaboration.

The Power Of Red: Why The Colour Of Remembrance Is The New Black

Red is alarming, uncompromising, empowering and fierce. As a society, we're hard wired to it since it taps into our primal, passionate impulses. It's the colour of the blood of Christ and also the Devil, with a cocktail of connotations consisting of fireworks, adrenaline, love hearts, red roses and indeed the aptly named districts where certain women make a living.
10/11/2017 13:16 GMT

The Myth Of Magnificence: Price, Perception And Why Provenance In Luxury Matters

To cite Oscar Wilde, too many of us know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. Thankfully, transparency is now determining price tags much more than before and consumers will vote with their purses. Economics of scale state that it's the global companies who have the most capacity to foster systemic change, so let's hope that 'luxury' leads the way.
27/09/2017 13:18 BST

How To Design Fashion Which Sells...

The 3 trillion dollar question is, of course, how do you design fashion that sells? What's the formula for success? How do you produce a bestseller? How can you consistently make clothes that people want to buy? And how do you shape future trends? Surely there's a formula for success; a common denominator?
16/08/2017 16:43 BST

Why Slow Fashion Is Picking Up The Pace

Total ethical spending in the UK is now worth £54billion (2016) and represents around 7% of all UK consumer spending, which is more than we spend on cigarettes and alcohol, combined. The value of overall ethical sales grew by 8 %to £38billion in 2015, during a period when inflation barely rose above 0.5 %, according to the new Ethical Consumer Markets report.
02/07/2017 20:54 BST

You're So Vain: How Menswear Is Flexing Its Muscles

So, what do male customers want? What's driving these preening peacocks? We know that shopping in itself is not the attraction, so it's down the clothes. As buyers prepare to open their order books, they might reflect on the words of the talent that was Alexander McQueen:
30/05/2017 13:47 BST

How The Growth Of Athleisure Has Been A Shot In The Arm For Girl Power

This fashion marks a shift away from objectification towards feminine functionality. You know a category has earned its place in our wardrobe when it pushes boundaries. Just as loungewear saw the onesie reach mainstream, so too do we have athleisure brands embracing the jumpsuit.
12/04/2017 13:28 BST