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Melody Pourmoradi

Women's Life & Wellness coach

Melody Pourmoradi is a Women’s Life & Wellness Coach. She thrives on supporting women to nourish themselves mind, body & soul to become the best version of themselves. She currently lives in NY with her husband and her beloved twin daughters. In her newest passion project, she is creating a GiRLiFE Empowerment training for mothers, coaches and others who are on a mission of empowering young girls to live a life of happiness, peace & success. Take my 10 day Empow{her} Challenge:


13 Reasons Why Kindness

13 Reasons Why Kindness Counts

What I am however suggesting is that in a world that is at times incubated by fear, that we do our part to spread love and light. Tiny ripples can become giant waves that dissolve the boundaries that we have unwillingly placed upon ourselves and on others. 
05/05/2017 11:49 BST
Raising Empowered Kids: The Ultimate

Raising Empowered Kids: The Ultimate Toolkit

One of my favorite parts of being a life and wellness coach is the great privilege I have of showing our younger generations how incredibly powerful they are. My definition of a powerful or empowered child, is one that can use their mind to create harmony, happiness and success in their lives, whatever that may mean for them.
23/01/2017 16:03 GMT
How To Create Lasting Change In

How To Create Lasting Change In 2017

The beginning of the new year is a time of great significance and the magnificent promise of fresh new beginnings. It is when we typically put pen to paper and create a resolution list of all of the the larger-than-life things we want to accomplish.
09/01/2017 15:23 GMT
Meditation: The Practice Every Child Needs

Meditation: The Practice Every Child Needs Now

If you do nothing else in your meditation practice , make sure you breathe. I love the 5/5/5 sequence in which you take in one deep breath for five seconds. Hold the breath in for five second and then slowly release it for five seconds. The breath is our life force and is available to us at all times to recalibrate our energy.
30/12/2016 14:03 GMT
Six Phrases That Disempower Your

Six Phrases That Disempower Your Daughter

We all want the best for our daughter, right? The intention is so strong yet sometimes we really need to check ourselves and become aware of how our words and our actions may be adversely shaping her reality. As a mum to two young girls, I am the first to notice how my words and actions may be limiting my girls.
27/09/2016 12:14 BST
Women Empowering Girls: How to Enrich Our Future Generation of

Women Empowering Girls: How to Enrich Our Future Generation of Women

I believe that as women, it is our innate responsibility to pay it forward by further paving the way for our young girls so that they too can dream without limits and achieve without resistance. There are so many colorful ways that we can stand strong as women and plant seeds of confidence, fearlessness and empowerment for all
19/08/2016 14:36 BST