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Memuna Forna

Mother, columnist, campaigner, publisher and emerging markets communications specialist

Memuna Forna publishes Insight ( a magazine which celebrates the drive, determination and sheer doggedness of those who do business in Sierra Leone. She is probably best known for her enquiring mind. To this end, she knows a little about a lot and relies on the internet for the rest. She has written articles for the Guardian, the Times, Marie Claire, the Voice and several other publications and was for several years the Head of Media Relations at the Work Foundation, one of the UK’s top think tanks. Today she shuttles regularly between Sierra Leone and the UK, with brief forays to France for working holidays. She was born in Scotland, educated in England and brought up in several countries across the world, but her heart remains staunchly Sierra Leonean. She is a wife, a mother of two and a workaholic who is committed to the economic development of Sierra Leone.

Why I Put My Trust In Strangers?

Sierra Leone stumbles and falls from one extreme horror to another - war, disease, and natural disaster. We are one of the poorest countries in the world, with the world's worst mother and child mortality rate. Our people are intimately aware of the daily cruelty of terrible poverty. But if those who experience the worst of all this are yet to lose their humanity, I have no right to either.
04/09/2017 11:35 BST

Sierra Leone Calls Time On Petty Corruption

Reducing corruption...would represent a significant and direct benefit for a substantial number of Sierra Leone's people - more money in their pockets, improved access to services that are vital in the literal sense of the word, and the satisfaction of knowing they can be part of the solution to the problem.
02/09/2016 14:54 BST

African Businesses Will Be Shut Out by Increased Schengen Border Restrictions

Schengen in on life support and West African manufacturers should pay close attention. They are already convinced they won't be able to compete with the cheaper, better quality imports, which will be the inevitable result of a forthcoming EU/Africa free trade agreement. For most, exporting to Europe is a distant dream anyway. Increased border restrictions will make it even more unlikely.
16/12/2015 14:24 GMT

When Your Son Leaves Home

Watching your son grow up is a great joy. Watching your son prepare to leave home is a journey of tiny painful steps. He used to call me when he left school and he would chat on the phone until he arrived home and could tell me all about his day in person. Now I'm not always sure if he is in the house.
13/10/2015 10:21 BST

Power Play: Empowering Women and Girls in Africa Through Football

Nothing creates a desire for empowerment, success or achievement than the experience of it and the more football gives African women and girls that opportunity, the more it can help to bring about positive change in a society where women have been discriminated against for many years.
15/06/2015 16:50 BST