Michael Betts

Fitness expert with over 30 years experience in exercise programming, management and education.

Michael is a director of TRAINFITNESS -, a UK-based company which provides education and training in the fitness sector. Michael has been involved in the fitness industry for 30 years, having worked in many roles from group exercise, personal training, management and education. Michael's passion for exercise and fitness started at an early age, competing in Australian gymnastics, then moving onto competitive aerobics competitions. He has represented Australia at a world level in competitive aerobics when living in Brisbane, Australia.On moving to the UK in 1998, Michael co-founded TRAINFITNESS which was the first company to offer nationally recognised fitness related qualifications via eLearning. He was responsible for developing a bespoke Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and mobile app which allows students to study their course from anywhere at any time.Michael has a great passion for fitness and a believer that health, happiness and exercise go hand-in-hand.