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Michael Fabricant

Conservative MP for Lichfield

Michael Fabricant is the Conservative MP for Lichfield

A Message To The Luvvies - If You Can't Say Anything Constructive, Don't Say Anything At All

When a musician like Madonna jokes about blowing up the White House, it only serves to crowd out the real and substantive criticisms of Trump. When he steps out of line, Trump needs to be challenged with facts and reason, not incoherent wailing or malicious threats. In an age where politicians must be incredibly careful about what they say and how they say it, famous celebrities should take similar care when they preach to us on political issues of which they might only have a limited understanding.
21/02/2017 09:12 GMT

It's No Use Us Men Being Shy About Our Bits And Pieces - It Can Lead To Death

<img alt="bmm banner.jpg" src="" width="300" height="35" /> The moral of this story so far is that everything might seem alright, but, as the old song goes, that ain't necessarily so... Years ago, we used to say "Most people die with prostate cancer , not of prostate cancer". But with longer life expectancy, that is no longer the case. So here's the thing: it is no use men being shy about their bits and pieces. That can lead to death.
02/11/2016 07:38 GMT

An English Parliament... And Not in London Either

Decisions that need to be made together like our national finances, our transport programme, our welfare provisions, our diplomatic activities, and our national defence can still all be undertaken as at present by the Parliament in Westminster. But there is clearly a need for the English voice to be heard on other affairs of State. The Scottish referendum will increase the feeling of English nationalism and rather than ignore it and allow animosity to develop, let's look towards the practical.
08/01/2014 16:58 GMT

How I'll Be Supporting Movember at PMQs

I am taking part in Movember - the charity moustache-growing campaign in aid of Prostate Cancer UK - but I've chosen to wear a false "wing commander's" model rather than adorn my upper lip with the genuine item... What David Cameron and my colleagues, let alone Labour, will say, remains to be seen.
27/11/2013 11:15 GMT

The Brexit Prize - An American Dream?

What I do want is to open people's eyes to an option the UK must consider seriously. I am arguing that we should consider our most special relationship of all - the one we have with the United States. British-American trade was worth $214billion in 2012. That is the biggest bilateral trade relationship of any two countries anywhere.
16/09/2013 09:18 BST