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Michael Mercieca

Chief Executive, Young Enterprise

Michael Mercieca is the Chief Executive of Young Enterprise, the UK’s leading charity that works with employers, government and educational establishments to support and empower young people to harness their personal and business skills. He is also concluding a 2 year term as Chair of the European Chief Executives for not-for-profit organisation Junior Achievement Worldwide. The former Director of Finance & Operations at The Prince’s Trust, he has also held posts at BBC Worldwide, Sky and various independent film and TV production companies.

'Left Behind By Globalisation' Is Not An Excuse To Do Nothing

There are a couple of very simple steps we can take right now. Starting today. First, we can invest funding to prevent unemployment, not just pay for it; ensure children are familiar with business and finance from an early age; place much greater emphasis on job skills and vocational training, and get our young people job-ready as a priority. And, most vital of all, plan long term and execute short term, starting in the most deprived areas of the UK.
16/11/2016 10:59 GMT

Why Do We Need Superhuman Capital? And How Can We Get It?

OK, we know the robots are coming and they're very intelligent, if only 'artificially' so. And we know that they will be taking over tens of millions of white collar jobs over the next five to10 years. But before we all decide to just give up work, let's remember that we will still need humans - but they need to be Superhumans.
03/11/2016 10:26 GMT

School Bell Or Division Bell - Which Will Ring Loudest?

It was all going so... well... it was 'going' in any event. The post-Brexit political meltdown saw senior MPs going to the backbenches in their droves, including David Cameron who has now quit as an MP. The new PM's Machiavellian cabinet reshuffle seemed like a pretty good start, taking into account the rather large poisoned chalice on offer.
14/09/2016 12:36 BST

Balancing Life Chances - Balancing the Books

If Brexit is to be a new beginning, not the beginning of the end, then a radical reformation of education must be a part of the new Cabinet's thinking. I look forward to hearing more from the government in the coming weeks.
22/07/2016 09:23 BST

Robots Will Cut Out the Middleman - Oops, That's Us!

The endgame of robotics is to achieve the so-called 'Technological Singularity'; that's the moment when artificial intelligence can truly think for itself, redesign itself, improve itself or build other robots that are better than itself, on its own, without human assistance.
15/12/2015 16:49 GMT

Personal Character Can't Be Measured By A-levels

Every year, in the middle of August, we congratulate young people across the UK for their A-level results. That day's media is packed with stories of success and failure. There is the usual debate about whether the exams are getting easier or harder, coupled with mountains of footage of students opening envelopes and photos of despair and elation. The following day we all go back to normal. Until next year.
07/09/2015 10:12 BST

Education, Skills and the Human Face of UK Productivity

Productivity. It's a word that strikes boredom into the heart of the majority of people. And I'll grant you, it's hard to get excited about a measure of input versus output value per worker, per hour. But it is a vital measure of how we're doing as a country. And since the economic crash, productivity in the UK, and many Western economies, has been absolutely dire and shows little sign of sustainable growth in the future.
10/07/2015 12:00 BST

Financial Education Is Vital - But Not for the Reason You Think

If we could turn the page, start afresh and work together; commit ourselves to financial and enterprise education across the curriculum at all stages and do whatever it takes to really engage young people, perhaps will we see a new generation free from this crippling fear of debt and unemployment. Surely we have to try?
25/06/2015 17:26 BST

Business Education Could Reboot the UK Economy

Enterprise and financial education in schools is vital if we're to have a chance of improving our economic prospects. If implemented now, a national initiative for enterprise and financial education could help us to produce future generations of motivated, confident, work-ready young people with the skills to succeed, innovate and increase the UK's productivity. Surely this is an investment worth making.
24/04/2015 11:27 BST

The Bad News Is Youth Unemployment Is Rising

The recent ONS figures for the September to November 2014 quarter show general unemployment is down. This is fantastic news, of course, and it rightly gained much positive coverage. But what's not so great - and was not so well-reported - is that the figures also show youth unemployment is on the rise again.
10/02/2015 10:29 GMT

Ofsted Is Measuring the Wrong Things

Last week saw the publication of the annual Ofsted report which looked at the outcomes of schools' inspections in 2013-14. The report's headline-grabber was that progress in secondary schools in the UK 'has stalled', with 29% of state secondary schools now rated as less than good.
19/12/2014 17:49 GMT

Pythagoras Alone Won't Help Our Children Build a Successful Career

I believe we need to have a discussion about whether stuffing traditional maths down our children day after day is actually delivering real results, for them and society. While maths is vital, does it, in reality, need to be taught in a radically different way?
14/11/2014 17:18 GMT

Talking Young Enterprise at the Party Conferences

This year I attended both the Conservative and Labour Party conferences in my capacity as Chief Executive of the charity Young Enterprise.‭ ‬It‭'‬s now a couple of weeks since the conferences and I‭'‬ve had time to digest and reflect not only on‭ ‬what‭ ‬was achieved there but also‭ ‬where‭ ‬it was achieved.‭..
16/10/2014 09:31 BST

Chop and Change Education Policy Is Hurting Our Young People

We need to get beyond party politics and create a firm sustainable foundation for our society. That means taking a balanced and inclusive approach to education; it means taking a structured approach to education; it means taking the long-term view.
23/09/2014 17:22 BST