Michael Mumisa

Cambridge-based writer, academic, and broadcaster

Michael Mumisa is a PhD candidate and Cambridge Special Livingstone Scholar at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge. He is author of a number of studies and a regular broadcaster and commentator on radio and other media.

It Is the Government's Prevent Programmes and Religious Quietism, Not Radicalism, Which Have Been Driving Young British Muslims into the Hands of Extremists

While as a nation we should take all measures legally possible to combat violent extremism, racism, homophobia, misogyny, and anti-Semitism, we should have nothing to fear from young radical minds. A successful Prevent programme is one that ensures that such minds are nurtured and empowered to contribute positively to society, not silenced or marginalised.
24/09/2014 17:14 BST

Where Do British Muslims Stand on 'British Values'?

The issue of great concern for most Muslim communities is not that they see a conflict between 'Muslim values' and 'British values' but that their children are growing up in a society in which such an imaginary binary opposition is constantly propagated by both politicians and 'extremist' elements within their communities.
19/06/2014 16:12 BST

How Should Young Muslims on the Streets of Woolwich Be Reading the Qur'an

When I first saw the distressing news reports on television networks that a man thought to be a British soldier had been brutally murdered on the streets of London by two men in what was suspected to be an act of terrorism I immediately had a strong feeling that the killers would claim to be Muslims.
05/06/2013 16:50 BST