Michele Howarth Rashman


Michele Howarth Rashman is a UK based artist, specialising in figurative mixed media sculpture. Born in Liverpool and now living in Yorkshire, she has developed a process of work whereby each meticulously hand stitched larger than life-size sculpture takes many weeks and months to complete. Her work has shown both nationally and internationally alongside many of her more celebrated contemporaries, however Rashman remains an elusive figure, working alone and exhibiting rarely, and describes her practise as a 'defiantly unmanly way of working in a persistently macho art world'.

The Once In A Lifetime Floods That Keep On

The Once In A Lifetime Floods That Keep On Happening

It's an odd experience, finding yourself in the middle of a drama that's also being played out in the mainstream media.  Especially when that coverage has such little connect with how it felt living it on the ground.
14/01/2016 10:57 GMT
The Importance of Bearing

The Importance of Bearing Grudges

I have a Sh*t List. It runs to several pages and includes back stabbers, fence sitters, fair-weather friends and a smattering of generalised ars*holes.
28/01/2013 16:33 GMT
I Hate

I Hate Amateurs

I feel a bit grubby. I've just watched the actor Stephen Mangan murdering <em>Who Know Where The Time Goes</em> on SkyArts and I'm left wondering just what is this obsession with people doing things half cock?
13/02/2012 16:14 GMT
I Don't Live In Obscurity, I Live In

I Don't Live In Obscurity, I Live In Yorkshire

To operate outside of Zone One, or narrower still, the E2 postcode, creates real practical problems for the UK based artist. If a reviewer is unwilling to travel beyond the stretch of their Oyster card, then what chance does an artist working in say, Rotherham, Pitlochry or some Welsh mining village have of getting meaningful coverage for their show?
31/01/2012 21:56 GMT