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Michelle Chantelle Hopewell

Performer, blogger and writer. Passionate about equality and diversity within the arts, lover of plus size fashion and hopeful.

Black British, 20-something, London based actress, blogger and writer advocating for greater diversity within theatre, tv and film and actively championing body positivity.

Informed by my personal experiences and empowered by the long line of writers in my family, blogging and writing is an extension of my own voice.

I believe in celebrating blackness, black womenhood, black body confidence; and the importance of open dialogues about race in order to debunk unhealthy stereotypes and myths about the black experience.

Dismantling the myth of the angry black women burns a lot of calories so you can also find me cooking, carb loading in horribly hipster eateries and binge watching Netflix shows.
Ignorance Is Not

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

The police officer asked me what I would say my heritage is and I paused for a moment. Black British I say, but I know they were asking to hear about the dullest extent of my blood line. The nitty gritty dating back hundreds of years, but the truth is this is me now and regardless our blackness connects us all because there is no one way to be black; but yes the truth is that they also want to know if you actually belong.
08/09/2017 12:34 BST