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Mik Scarlet

Broadcaster, Journalist, Disability Equality Campaigner.

Mik Scarlet began his career performing in the rock bands, before being spotted by a TV producer in 1989. He quickly became one the UK's first disabled celebrities, presenting programs for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, and acting in shows such as Brookside and 2.4 Children. In 1992 the kids TV show he fronted Beat That won an Emmy and was nominated for a BAFTA. He was lead reporter for the BBC2 news magazine show From The Edge for 10 years, and worked for BBC Radio as reporter and DJ. At the height of his career he was involved in a car accident and broke his back for a second time, leading him to retire to undergo surgery to repair his spine. Luckily Mik returned to full health and started up an access consultancy, advising business on how to advance inclusive practice. Mik became one of the UK's leading experts on inclusion, with a special focus on public transport, the retail and entertainment sectors and hospitality. Mik is currently working with Network Rail, London Underground and Uber training staff and management around best practice for the provision of service for disabled customers and employment of disabled staff. He is about to begin advising the French rail company SNCF as they prepare for the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. In 2012, Mik returned to the media when he performed in the Paralympic Opening Ceremony and presented at the wheelchair rugby. Next he DJed on his own music program for Total Rock Radio, which ran for over a year, and presented occasional specialist music shows for BBC3CR. Since then Mik has appeared on various news and current affairs programs, such as The Wright Stuff, Good Morning Britain, This Morning and Sky News, both as a commentator and reporter. Mik also is an occasional reporter for C5 News. Mik is happily married to the wonderful Diane and lives in Camden, in the heart of London.
Him - A Gentle

Him - A Gentle Triumph

Time after time all areas of the arts focus on new talent and youth, ignoring the talent and knowledge of the older generations. Him demonstrates why this needs to change and that all of us, no matter our age, have something to gain from tapping this forgotten well of skill.
15/09/2016 14:18 BST
The Olympic & Paralympic Games? Excellence

The Olympic & Paralympic Games? Excellence Divided

I am positive that combining the Olympics and Paralympics would create a truly inclusive event and would get more people to see the various sports, both in person and via the media, ensuring the we begin to see disabled people becoming global celebrities on a par with Usain Bolt and Mo Farrah.
05/09/2016 17:20 BST
Unlimited - Gold Standard

Unlimited - Gold Standard Arts

I have long believed that disability arts have reached such a high standard that they now rival any other scene or movement out there. The Unlimited Festival, delivered by Shape Arts and Artadmin and funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Arts Council of Wales and Creative Scotland, will have something to delight everyone.
05/09/2016 14:20 BST
The Making of Android In La La

The Making of Android In La La Land

This week Android In La La Land, the documentary on seminal electronic musician Gary Numan, hits cinemas in the UK. I met up with the director Steve Read to get the skinny on the making of the movie.
22/08/2016 14:09 BST
Life Lessons Disability Taught Me No.2 -

Life Lessons Disability Taught Me No.2 - Death

Seeing so much death made me realise that life is precious and however much time you have should be lived to the fullest. From then on I used the memory of that ward to push me to waste as little time as possible on rubbish, and to grab every opportunity that came along.
17/08/2016 10:19 BST
Life Lessons Disability Taught Me No.1 - Addiction part

Life Lessons Disability Taught Me No.1 - Addiction part 2

My regular slips back into addiction has also taught me that there is nothing to be ashamed of if you also slip, or even develop another addiction to take the place of the original one. The human body is built to become addicted, and it's not weakness to give in to that.
01/08/2016 13:28 BST
Life Lessons Disability Taught Me No.1 -

Life Lessons Disability Taught Me No.1 - Addiction

OK, this isn't an in-depth account of how to beat all addiction, but it a brief exploration of how I have made sure I am not a slave to it's effects. I cannot avoid addiction entirely as my pain will remain with me for all my life, but I hope my experiences as a disabled person can help others.
01/08/2016 11:25 BST
Assisted Suicide - What's The Big Song and

Assisted Suicide - What's The Big Song and Dance?

Recently the debate around Assisted Dying has become a cause célèbre and is now one of the hottest topics of the 21st Century. The concept of assisting someone to die if they are terminally ill may seem a no brainer. Making it legal to assist in a person committing suicide if they feel they can no longer carry on, or that they fear what their impending death may bring, is portrayed in the media as a humanitarian act of compassion that any forward thinking caring society would allow.
21/07/2016 12:45 BST
Everyone Before Me; Or So It

Everyone Before Me; Or So It Seems

Throughout the comments sections of blogs and articles explaining disabled people's views are non-disabled people telling us we're wrong. Not just about the film but pretty much whatever we've said.
31/05/2016 13:06 BST
'Me Before You': Not for Me

'Me Before You': Not for Me Thanks

It breaks my heart that in the 21st Century an author and publishing company, then followed by an entire movie company, producer, director and cast, feel that the world needs this type of story. Don't create a positive exploration of what is truly possible for disabled people, instead let's just go the for the easy stereotype eh?
26/05/2016 17:29 BST
The Divide - A Document Of Our

The Divide - A Document Of Our Time

Katherine Round's film explores a key issue of the modern age, the ever growing gap between the "have's" and "have not's", our obsession with wealth and the growing feeling that capitalism isn't working. It is shot beautifully, and this cinematography embraces and cuddles you as you follow the lives of people on both sides of the wealth divide.
18/04/2016 13:32 BST
Disabled Access Day 2016 - A Day To Say 'Yes We

Disabled Access Day 2016 - A Day To Say 'Yes We Can'

Last year saw the first event in an annual day to mark a special day for disabled people through out the UK. Disabled Access Day was not set up to shout about what is wrong with our society but instead to highlight what is possible and to get disabled people out and about.
08/03/2016 10:24 GMT
Dahl In A Day - A Magical Literary

Dahl In A Day - A Magical Literary Experience

Last week, on Thursday February 18th, I had the great honour to be invited to take part in one of the festivals held at London's Southbank Centre. As part of the Imagine Children's Festival, which ran from February 9th until the 22nd, I joined celebs, such as Cerrie Burnell and Carrie Grant, and many others to read a chapter of the classic kids book Matilda for Dahl In A Day.
25/02/2016 15:51 GMT
Android in La La Land - A Film That Reminds Me to

Android in La La Land - A Film That Reminds Me to Smile

What is of most interest to someone like me, who found the image of being an Numan fan so helpful as I learned to love being disabled, is that it charts Gary's diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome, which obviously influenced his image and attitude through out his career, and his battles with depression and anxiety as he struggled to rebuild his career.
09/02/2016 12:02 GMT
Reframing The Myth - Illustrating So Much More Than

Reframing The Myth - Illustrating So Much More Than Impairment

Anyone who reads my column here in the Huff knows I regularly sing the praises of the Disability Arts Scene. I feel it is a place where art surpasses any constraints of impairment and explodes any stereotypes of disability with creativity and output that challenges the mainstream art world to achieve anywhere near it's standard.
05/02/2016 14:11 GMT
Have We Really Said Goodbye to the Back of the

Have We Really Said Goodbye to the Back of the Bus?

In the 21st century, and yes that does make me feel old, we now have a generation of young disabled people who see modelling as career and they want the chance to strut their stuff. Not as a token but as a professional.
05/02/2016 10:08 GMT
Is This Really So Hard to

Is This Really So Hard to Understand?

What is most ridiculous is that as most disabled people come by their impairment later in life it is very likely that the very people who are so upset by this system of support may have to call on it one day, when they need it the most. Bet they call it fair then.
11/01/2016 13:03 GMT