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Mik Scarlet

Broadcaster, Journalist, Disability Equality Campaigner.

Mik Scarlet began his career performing in the rock bands, before being spotted by a TV producer in 1989. He quickly became one the UK's first disabled celebrities, presenting programs for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, and acting in shows such as Brookside and 2.4 Children. In 1992 the kids TV show he fronted Beat That won an Emmy and was nominated for a BAFTA. He was lead reporter for the BBC2 news magazine show From The Edge for 10 years, and worked for BBC Radio as reporter and DJ. At the height of his career he was involved in a car accident and broke his back for a second time, leading him to retire to undergo surgery to repair his spine. Luckily Mik returned to full health and started up an access consultancy, advising business on how to advance inclusive practice. Mik became one of the UK's leading experts on inclusion, with a special focus on public transport, the retail and entertainment sectors and hospitality. Mik is currently working with Network Rail, London Underground and Uber training staff and management around best practice for the provision of service for disabled customers and employment of disabled staff. He is about to begin advising the French rail company SNCF as they prepare for the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. In 2012, Mik returned to the media when he performed in the Paralympic Opening Ceremony and presented at the wheelchair rugby. Next he DJed on his own music program for Total Rock Radio, which ran for over a year, and presented occasional specialist music shows for BBC3CR. Since then Mik has appeared on various news and current affairs programs, such as The Wright Stuff, Good Morning Britain, This Morning and Sky News, both as a commentator and reporter. Mik also is an occasional reporter for C5 News. Mik is happily married to the wonderful Diane and lives in Camden, in the heart of London.
The Force Awakens... Happy

The Force Awakens... Happy Memories

If you haven't seen a Star Wars movie, or don't get what the fuss is, please give it a try. Sure it might not be your thing, but you won't know until you try.
21/12/2015 12:43 GMT
That Old Access Chestnut

That Old Access Chestnut Again!

For anyone who has an impairment that impacts on their ability get around easily, the concept of access is so much more than just getting into a place. Sure a world with as many ramps as steps would be a dream, but we also need what I would consider obvious, provision like toilets we can easily get into and use without endangering our safety.
16/12/2015 15:43 GMT
Pain - A Personal

Pain - A Personal Perspective

I know many people who live with pain similar to mine, and many others whose pain manifests itself totally differently. However pain touches them, it needs treating to allow them to live anything near a normal life.
19/11/2015 10:43 GMT
Retrospectacular - Gary Numan Live Oct

Retrospectacular - Gary Numan Live Oct 2015

Anyone who remembers the late 1970s and early 1980s will know the name of Gary Numan, the man who turned the synthesizer from a art house noise machine into a mainstay of the music industry and led to a revolution in how music is made
27/10/2015 14:15 GMT
Danger! High VOLTA-ge

Danger! High VOLTA-ge Theatre!

The Arcola Theatre itself was the first character of each piece. It's friendly and hip design and staff welcome you and make you feel warm and safe. I must also applaud them on having fantastic access provision for disabled people like me, which is no mean feat in an old industrial building.
07/09/2015 15:26 BST
When Questions Become

When Questions Become Awkward

If you let the disabled person decide if and what they tell you with in conversation you won't offend anyone. Remember, for every disabled person like me, happy with their life and secure in their impairment, there will be some who are not yet ready to talk about their lives.
04/09/2015 17:33 BST
The Joy of Turning a Sprint Into a

The Joy of Turning a Sprint Into a Marathon

I now look back on a life filled with adventure and excitement as living a series of sprints. What has changed for me is the absolute assurity that I would die young has gone. I now hit 50 years on this planet knowing that I have no idea how long I have ahead for the first time in my life.
11/08/2015 16:31 BST
Sonic Vistas - Rocking Out for

Sonic Vistas - Rocking Out for All!

The man behind the project, musician and videographer Ivan Riches, planned the project to showcase the technology to it's very best, and I feel he has succeeded far beyond his wildest dreams.
24/07/2015 12:33 BST
The Art That History Forgot,

The Art That History Forgot, Remembered

In June, the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive was granted funding of £1 million pound by The Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England and Joseph Rowntree Foundation with the goal of creating a permanent archive of the work of disabled artists.
17/07/2015 11:23 BST
The Cruelest

The Cruelest Cut

Please put yourself in the position of the disabled people who are losing their ILF support, understand how fearful they are about the future and join them to say no, that's enough. This is one cut we really do not need to carry out. Ask your MP to reinstate the ILF and give dignity back to those disabled people who require a high level of support. It's not too much to ask.
02/07/2015 09:43 BST
If You Can't Beat 'Em.... Then

If You Can't Beat 'Em.... Then What?

For my first HuffPost blog for a while I intended to write a deep political exploration of the election result and what it meant for disabled people through out the UK. I got started but found the whole thing just too damn depressing.
27/05/2015 12:25 BST
Savage Beauty - London's V&A Raises the Bar

Savage Beauty - London's V&A Raises the Bar Again!

Disabled people should remember McQueen as a champion of equality, which is not something you'd expect from a fashion designer. But McQueen was so much more than that, and Savage Beauty captures this with a reverence that takes your breathe away.
27/04/2015 11:44 BST
What I Did on My Easter

What I Did on My Easter Holiday

One of the things I expect from the people who run the country I live in is to enforce the laws of the country. Yet time and time again disabled people are faced with businesses that just do not make themselves accessible to disabled customers, and the excuse is nearly always expense.
13/04/2015 12:28 BST
The Machman Cometh - Gary Numan Live 20th March

The Machman Cometh - Gary Numan Live 20th March 2015

Anyone who remembers Gary Numan from his heyday will picture a cold, distant robot like character who sung of alienation and a dark future. While the songs of alienation are still key to his art, the man himself now takes on the persona of a preacher spreading the word to the converted.
26/03/2015 23:26 GMT

Breaking Rude

What does sadden me is how many young disabled people still feel that a happy love life is out of reach. I started using my wheelchair at the age of fifteen and at the time I was sure I would never find love.
03/03/2015 14:55 GMT
Déjà Vu - A Weapon For

Déjà Vu - A Weapon For Equality

Why do I bring this up? Well at a time when it looks like disabled people are claiming their rightful place in our society, I am worried that the ground we have made again could easily be lost. Especially if we forget that this ground is that which we already once held.
23/02/2015 16:38 GMT
Awkward? Let's End It

Awkward? Let's End It Now!

I found the statistics really shocking, but mostly as they seem to be totally opposite to my own experience. I was born disabled, and became a wheelchair user at the age of fifteen, yet I can honestly say I have never had any trouble making friends, being invited to social situations or finding love.
11/02/2015 15:10 GMT
I'm Disabled... Not

I'm Disabled... Not Psychic!

It is a daily experience that anyone who is disabled will know all too well. I have been a wheelchair user for 35 years, and while there is now a law stating that businesses should make every "reasonable adjustment" to ensure that they are accessible the real experience is that many places are still closed to disabled people.
02/02/2015 12:04 GMT
Walking the Tightrope - Theatre Without a Safety

Walking the Tightrope - Theatre Without a Safety Net

The plays scoot along exploring philanthropy and privilege, the motivation behind breaking boycotts, how the media spins everything in our modern world, how money corrupts even the simplest of day to day events, the exploitation of minorities and the distortion of history...
27/01/2015 15:39 GMT