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Mik Scarlet

Broadcaster, Journalist, Disability Equality Campaigner.

Mik Scarlet began his career performing in the rock bands, before being spotted by a TV producer in 1989. He quickly became one the UK's first disabled celebrities, presenting programs for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, and acting in shows such as Brookside and 2.4 Children. In 1992 the kids TV show he fronted Beat That won an Emmy and was nominated for a BAFTA. He was lead reporter for the BBC2 news magazine show From The Edge for 10 years, and worked for BBC Radio as reporter and DJ. At the height of his career he was involved in a car accident and broke his back for a second time, leading him to retire to undergo surgery to repair his spine. Luckily Mik returned to full health and started up an access consultancy, advising business on how to advance inclusive practice. Mik became one of the UK's leading experts on inclusion, with a special focus on public transport, the retail and entertainment sectors and hospitality. Mik is currently working with Network Rail, London Underground and Uber training staff and management around best practice for the provision of service for disabled customers and employment of disabled staff. He is about to begin advising the French rail company SNCF as they prepare for the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. In 2012, Mik returned to the media when he performed in the Paralympic Opening Ceremony and presented at the wheelchair rugby. Next he DJed on his own music program for Total Rock Radio, which ran for over a year, and presented occasional specialist music shows for BBC3CR. Since then Mik has appeared on various news and current affairs programs, such as The Wright Stuff, Good Morning Britain, This Morning and Sky News, both as a commentator and reporter. Mik also is an occasional reporter for C5 News. Mik is happily married to the wonderful Diane and lives in Camden, in the heart of London.
Children of the Great War - Capturing the Legacy of

Children of the Great War - Capturing the Legacy of Conflict

Sometimes art can be beautiful and swell the heart, or it challenges and leads you to re-examine your world view, but on rare occasions it does both. When this happens you find yourself left almost a new person, seeing the world through new eyes.
12/01/2015 15:47 GMT
Have a Fantastic Festive

Have a Fantastic Festive Season!

I am not gong to write a tale of woe, or of rights and equality, or even of positivity and justice. No, it's Christmas time, and so I just want to wish everyone out there in Huffington Land a wonderful festive season and here's to an amazing 2015!
24/12/2014 04:25 GMT
Cardiff - A Refection of What Could

Cardiff - A Refection of What Could Be

It's not just the big chains and shopping centre that is easy. Through out the city centre there are arcades of boutique style shops and restaurants, and pretty much all of these are equally accessible. Most of these are historic in nature and yet there has been great effort taken to ensure as many of them are as accessible as possible.
10/12/2014 16:47 GMT
Brighton - A Mirror on a Broken

Brighton - A Mirror on a Broken Reality

Last weekend I paid a trip to the seaside, to Brighton to take part in a literary event called Sea Changers. What struck me from the moment I arrived was how hard it was to get around in my wheelchair.
24/11/2014 12:45 GMT
Sea Changers - Can Literature Change the

Sea Changers - Can Literature Change the World?

On a cold November night I fought my way through the twisting lanes of Brighton to the Fisherman's Vestry, part of the beautiful St Paul's Church, to take part in an intimate literary event which aimed to explore the connections between creative writing and campaigning.
19/11/2014 13:12 GMT
Deadly Denim - The Darker Side of

Deadly Denim - The Darker Side of Firetrap

A story on fashion is not my usual Huffington fair, but I actually started my writing career working for an alternative fashion magazine called Sinzine and studied fashion at college back in my New Romantic youth.
03/11/2014 12:17 GMT
Until You've Wheeled a Mile In My

Until You've Wheeled a Mile In My Shoes...

Please before you pass judgement on anyone's quality of life, stop and think. Don't just claim "I couldn't cope", as I really think you could. Pain, like many other trials in life, can be beaten. It can be medically treated and psychologically mastered, with help, and so we need to have a sensible debate on quality of life before we go any further down a road that may be very hard to come back from.
30/10/2014 15:59 GMT
How It Feels To Be Worth

How It Feels To Be Worth Less

Our labour is worth just the same as anyone else's. Don't let society carve into to stone what we know to be wrong by allowing this opinion to go unchallenged...
20/10/2014 13:44 BST


This weekend an incident occurred that reminded me of what is is to be disabled in the UK in the 21st Century. I have been disabled since a few weeks after birth, having been born with cancer, but started using a wheelchair full time at the age of fifteen after a complication caused my spine to collapse.
23/09/2014 12:16 BST
Cute... But

Cute... But Wrong!

The piece revolves around the concept that when trying to confront the issue of talking to disabled people the advice is always negative, always a list of "don't"s and rarely "do"s. Mr Hoge then states that most of these are the opinion of the authors and then gives a list that he states are things "you can say to someone with a disability".
17/09/2014 11:56 BST
Lost In Spaces - Of Memoirs and

Lost In Spaces - Of Memoirs and Mirrors

The irony of Lost In Spaces is that the phase that I think best describes it is Triumphing Over Tragedy, a phrase that every disabled artist will have had printed about them at some point and one that Ms Penny rails against during the show
12/09/2014 15:10 BST
Vital Xposure presents

Vital Xposure presents "Let Me Stay"

I felt more than privileged as I found myself sat in the front row behind members of Julie's family for this performance and hearing their laughter and tears enabled me to know the depth of truth and reality behind the portrayal of the various characters, and how rooted in real life Let Me Stay is.
09/09/2014 14:15 BST
Guide Gods - Special Needs

Guide Gods - Special Needs Salvation

The show took shape after a meeting with a defrocked Buddhist monk, ironically named Mr Rong, who felt his disability was a direct result of bad karma incurred during a past life. This shocked Ms Cunningham and kick started a search for the truth behind faith and disability.
05/09/2014 14:01 BST
Dinner Party Revisited - Beautiful Anarchy on the

Dinner Party Revisited - Beautiful Anarchy on the Southbank

The Dinner Party Revisited is a live art performance piece created by the enfant terrible of the disability arts scene, <a href="Katherine Araniello" target="_hplink">Katherine Araniello</a> that builds on her past works using video and performance art to challenge society's view of disability. If that sounds serious and worthy boy are you wrong.
04/09/2014 14:08 BST
Aren't You Lucky? Or Another Birthday, Another

Aren't You Lucky? Or Another Birthday, Another Miracle

It's actually a really big thing reaching this age. I was born with a cancer called Neuroblastoma and my parents were told that I had a maximum life expectancy of five years. They took me home and tried to enjoy the short time they though they had with me...
28/08/2014 11:33 BST
A School for

A School for All?

After spending a day at Putteridge High School meeting the students and the committed staff members, I am sure that the Inclusive approach to education really works. Putteridge does have two special needs groups, made up of children of all abilities and impairments, but the goal is for those students to enter the mainstream classes eventually.
24/07/2014 12:05 BST
Assisted to Die or to

Assisted to Die or to Live?

Today the Supreme court ruled against right to die campaigners Paul Lamb and Jane Nicklinson in their latest attempt to change the current laws on assisted suicide, and I must admit I am relieved. I know that might sound heartless, and there are many voices who cry about their suffering and choice, but a recent stay in hospital made me realise that there is a wider issue behind the assisted suicide debate.
25/06/2014 15:13 BST

When "No" Means "Yes" For "Your Own Good"

Last week the House Of Lords debated Lord Faulkner's Assisted Dying bill. The bill argues that that people with six months or less to live should be able to call on the medical profession to assist them to die, as an act of mercy for those who are suffering...
11/06/2014 14:43 BST
Belonging - A Night at Circus Fest

Belonging - A Night at Circus Fest 2014

As a professional actor of 25 years, since being the first disabled actor to appear in a UK soap back in 1991, and the chair of the actor's union Equity's Deaf and Disabled Members Committee I know all too well just how high the standard of talent is within the disabled acting community.
22/04/2014 17:11 BST
The Fable of the Dream of Being

The Fable of the Dream of Being Fixed

How can society understand we disabled people can have amazing, happy, fulfilling lives if all they see is coverage of the joy of being cured? I know from my own life, and the lives of so many of my disabled friends, that being disabled is no barrier to a rich life and I just wish the media showed that too.
14/04/2014 12:44 BST