Mike Matthews

Parent and teacher

After a stint working for a media publishing house, I followed in the footsteps of my mother and grandfather and joined the teaching profession. I began teaching in London in 2003.

I started teaching in a school in special measures as a non-qualified teacher. Whilst working to get the school out of measures, succeeding remains my proudest moment in teaching. Learning my craft in such challenging circumstances opened my eyes to myriad of problems facing the youth of today.

I left teaching in London and moved to Bournemouth to raise my family. I soon discovered that the issues that face children in the capital are the same as those in Bournemouth.

Currently, I'm the Head of ICT and from September 2012 I'll also be teaching Government and Politics.
Underperforming Teachers Should Be Sacked But Why Stop

Underperforming Teachers Should Be Sacked But Why Stop There?

Every school has that teacher that comes into school, misses the morning briefing, fails to show up for their duty, misses report writing deadlines, moans about new initiatives, has a couple of days off a term, does little planning and leaves school on the stoke of 3:30.
17/01/2012 17:49 GMT
ICT Has Been Cut Loose, Not Set

ICT Has Been Cut Loose, Not Set Free

The english language, unlike computer coding, is beautiful. The language is ever changing, different words from different counties make it the language of business and love. It allows for many words or expressions to be used in many different ways. It has rules that can be broken without any seeming rhyme nor reason.
13/01/2012 13:12 GMT