Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Thought leadership strategist

Known widely as founder of 'The Book Midwife', Mindy Gibbins-Klein is a speaker and consultant focused on business owners and subject matter experts who need to build their credibility. Her mission is to discover and expose REAL Thought Leaders and show them how to position themselves as the true authorities in their field by writing and publishing the best quality books, ebooks, articles and blogs, and by developing powerful speaking content.

As a writing and publishing consultant, She coaches and mentors clients through every stage of writing, publishing and speaking. Together with an extensive network of associates, She has helped over 300 aspiring authors to get their books and articles written and published to build their profiles as leading experts. Her latest book, 24 Carat BOLD - The Standard for REAL Thought Leaders, has been endorsed by some of the top leaders around.

She is also the founder of thriving publishing company Panoma Press, an independent publisher founded in 2005. The company specialises in high quality business books and personal development books that truly help people grow and develop. To date, they have published over 500 books and are represented in over 12 countries across the globe.

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Ten Tips To Love What You

Ten Tips To Love What You Write

Love the feedback. Good, 'bad', indifferent - it will all add to your development as a writer. Sometimes it's hard to accept open criticism, and I certainly would not advise putting up with anything personal or nasty. Be thankful that people are actually reading what you wrote and taking the time to connect.
14/12/2016 12:33 GMT
Theresa May and Thoughtful

Theresa May and Thoughtful Leadership

The referendum came down like a hatchet, catching many people unawares. But the long-term prosperity of the nation demands that its top leader not be too hasty in decisions and actions, but rather inclusive and thoughtful to stabilise the UK and Europe as a whole. May's lengthy experience in politics and daring to shake things up could well lead Britain out of crisis, if she carries on as the thoughtful leader she seems to be.
14/07/2016 16:05 BST
The Legacy of Harper

The Legacy of Harper Lee

As one of the most iconic female writers, Harper Lee's death naturally struck a chord of sorrow with the world. Tributes have bloomed across many different platforms for this inspirational woman and the legacy of her work.
24/02/2016 13:50 GMT
These Are the Days of Our Lives - So Make Sure You Remember

These Are the Days of Our Lives - So Make Sure You Remember Them!

One of the best ways to explore your experiences is to write about them. Writing helps you to think more clearly, openly and deeply about a subject. One of the reasons for this is the simple fact that - while you may feel like 'you know what you mean' - the first thing a writer needs to be is intelligible.
09/12/2015 11:33 GMT
Can You Learn to

Can You Learn to Care?

I'm not saying that you have to care about every single thing, but caring enough to give this issue a little thought, and caring enough to let people know what you think, can create the open channel of communication, which is key to building relationships.
06/08/2015 16:25 BST
How to Create a Caring Society Despite a Conservative

How to Create a Caring Society Despite a Conservative Government

feel privileged to be writing this post at my own computer in my own home with a roof over my head, having just had a shower with clean, hot running water, eaten a good breakfast and earning enough to live on, as well as to give and still have fun. I encourage you to count your blessings, and your money, and decide if you could do more, no matter who is allegedly running the country.
11/05/2015 11:35 BST
Could Your Story Change Someone's

Could Your Story Change Someone's Life?

When we feel passionate about our subject and have something important to share, we want the whole world to know about it. I can't tell you how many times aspiring authors have said to me that the most important thing for them is to get their book into as many hands as possible.
10/02/2015 15:03 GMT
Are all books created

Are all books created equal?

I'm sure many of you have enjoyed reading a good motivational book or ebook at some point in recent months. I've had quite a few to choose from and this got me thinking, are all books really created equal? If you had to choose, would it be an ebook or a printed one?
26/01/2015 14:20 GMT
New Female Leader for the Scottish National

New Female Leader for the Scottish National Party

What great news to hear that Nicola Sturgeon is to become the leader of the Scottish National Party. When she is formally announced as leader of the party on the 14th November, she will simultaneously become the first female First Minister of Scotland.
16/10/2014 11:02 BST
Google Has a Responsibility to Boost Female Staff

Google Has a Responsibility to Boost Female Staff Numbers

There is something to be said for the fact that women to date have had an even greater challenge than men to get their views heard and noticed, despite women's supposed excellent communication skills; So the race is now on as women take up the challenge, and men may have to fight harder to keep their positions.
26/09/2014 15:52 BST
Have You Got What It Takes to Go It

Have You Got What It Takes to Go It Alone?

Ensure you do have some financial cushion or savings, as it can all take much longer than you think to see a profit. Find a group of people in a similar situation to you (mastermind group, networking group) so you can learn from and support each other.
11/09/2014 08:51 BST
Taking on the World, All From a Garden

Taking on the World, All From a Garden Office!

I still run my business from home and never once has the fact that my office is based in my back garden been a barrier to achieving new clients or new global licensing deals. Your office address is just words on the bottom of your headed notepaper or your invoice. What really counts isn't where you conduct your business, but <em>how </em>you conduct it.
27/08/2014 11:50 BST
A-Level Results: University, Gap Year, Work or

A-Level Results: University, Gap Year, Work or Entrepreneurialism?

'You're young, so nobody takes you seriously. You're young so you have no start up capital available. You're young so you have no time in between studying and managing your social life. The barriers to launching a successful business seem endless. However there is hope.'
14/08/2014 14:47 BST
Positive Job

Positive Job Searching

Every time you go for a job or any new opportunity, chances are there will be many other people going for the same job. Especially in this economy, where positions are more contentious than ever and there are more people than ever in the market. If you are not successful, it is important that you bounce back quickly, for several reasons.
04/08/2014 15:55 BST