Minna Salami

Writer and Commentator on Africa and Feminism

Minna Salami writes, speaks and advocates on a broad range of Africa, Diaspora and feminist issues. She writes the award-winning blog, MsAfropolitan, and is a member of the Duke University Educator Network as well as the Guardian’s (UK) Africa Network. Follow her on Twitter @MsAfropolitan
'Toxic Wars' vs. Conscientious

'Toxic Wars' vs. Conscientious Feminism

The conference was not for but about African heritage women so the white participants had every right to be there. At the same time the systemic exclusion of black women in the west causes deep, legitimate wounds. Nsukka demonstrates how important it is to communicate, and to voice difficult feelings such as anger and hurt, in order to find solutions.
15/07/2014 11:46 BST

Hair-Raising Conversations

Hair may be seen as a woman's crowning glory, but in African heritage societies it is much more than that.
05/08/2012 14:38 BST
African App Developers Gain Recognition at Mobile Premier

African App Developers Gain Recognition at Mobile Premier Awards

With declining donor budgets for grassroots movements, many activists are managing to mobilise outside the traditional NGO space using app technology. In developing apps that meet local needs and help to address social problems, the international recognition of the work of these three developers is significant.
06/02/2012 14:15 GMT