Munjeeta Sohal

Insatiably curious primary school teacher processing the world through writing about it.

Primary school teacher for 8 years; four of which were spent living in Busan, South Korea, before moving back to the UK to do a stint at waitressing while I contemplated my future. I am currently living and working as a supply teacher in North London to fund a children's counselling course, which I love every second of.

I blog here:
High-Functioning Depression And

High-Functioning Depression And Me

It was fairly recently that I allowed the phrase, "<em>high-functioning depression</em>," to enter my realm of consciousness. I've lived with depression, ranging from mild to severe, since I was 15 and 'managed it' to greater and lesser degrees
08/05/2017 16:37 BST
Reasons To Consume

Reasons To Consume Dairy

So I did some research and found myself sitting, highlighter in hand, staring at 55 pages of legislation with multiple browser windows in front of me, growing increasingly frustrated that what I was reading was, firstly, hugely open to individual's interpretation and, simultaneously, so full of inaccessible language that I needed explanatory notes to understand it.
28/02/2017 11:18 GMT
Carnism: What's In A

Carnism: What's In A Name?

As an increasingly unapologetic vegan, I am becoming used to being challenged for my beliefs. Don't get me wrong; it still gets my metaphorical hackles up. But, I understand that because I am not just doing 'what we do' I am in the minority and therefore in the firing line.
12/02/2017 20:44 GMT
What A Child Can Teach You In A

What A Child Can Teach You In A Day

I carried on as normal, giving a somewhat rusty input for a lesson on line graphs and circulating around the class clarifying my often-misunderstood instructions. D turned out to be curious: a thinker, a questioner.
30/01/2017 16:55 GMT
Am I

Am I Vegan?

Let's be clear here, without malice or personal agenda. As trendy as it's becoming, veganism is not an exclusive club with membership rights. It is not a cult or a diet. It is a very clearly defined social justice movement that puts <strong>animal rights</strong> at its core.
25/01/2017 14:01 GMT