Nancy Campbell

Writer and book artist

Nancy's recent books include Disko Bay (shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection) and How To Say ‘I Love You’ In Greenlandic: An Arctic Alphabet, winner of the Birgit Skiold Award. These works draw on Nancy's experiences during residencies at research institutions in the polar regions. She has a keen interest in contemporary art publishing and writes on prints and artists' books for various journals; she is Art Editor of Oxford Poetry.
Lefteris Yakoumakis: Sanctuary and Sagas in

Lefteris Yakoumakis: Sanctuary and Sagas in Iceland

I caught up with artist Lefteris Yakoumakis whose fascination with Icelandic culture and landscape has drawn him back again and again to the small town of Siglufjörður in the country's far north.
24/02/2016 13:55 GMT
Clare Carter - Recording in the

Clare Carter - Recording in the Dark

Carter's understanding of landscape is multiple. It can be "inner and outer, physical and psychological, inhabited and uninhabited." She has mapped "the pathways and entry points between these worlds" using painting and, more recently, music as The Horn The Hunt, with composer/musician Joe Osborne.
08/01/2013 14:23 GMT
Meliors Simms - Art in the

Meliors Simms - Art in the Anthropocene

Simms' concern about climate change, pollution and over-consumption are not only demonstrated in the themes of her work, but also in the materials she uses. A Meliors Simms sculpture is likely to be composed of repurposed fabrics and offcuts.
03/01/2013 14:23 GMT
Drawing in Arctic

Drawing in Arctic Water

Although the bookbinder's craft isn't always about preservation, Rowledge has done a lot of book conservation work. But can the arts of the book protect the future of the environment?
14/12/2012 13:53 GMT
How To Say 'I Love You' In

How To Say 'I Love You' In Greenlandic

I had hoped to find poems in the Arctic. I did not expect to return with a whole new language. Greenlandic had become the key to representing the Arctic for me, and I felt I owed it an acknowledgement. I selected the 12 most evocative words that Beathe had taught me, and compiled my own abecedarium.
20/11/2012 17:44 GMT