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American journalist and politics geek based in Scotland

Nash Riggins is an American freelance journalist based in central Scotland. He currently writes for The Huffington Post, World Finance and Ones to Watch. For more from Nash, follow his blog at:

Want To Live In A Trump Proxy State? Vote Conservative

If you're after someone with a bit more integrity - if you don't want Britain to end up turning into a feckless Trump proxy state - you've got to put your money where your mouth is, get out there on polling day and stand up for what's right. Cast your ballot for a party who's willing to stand against brazen tyranny, and send Theresa May a message she won't soon forget.
08/06/2017 13:36 BST

Can the Environment Survive Theresa May's Premiership?

Theresa May has been handed a golden opportunity to repair Britain's increasingly toxic environmental policy and demonstrate true leadership in the face of severe, impending ecological challenges. There's still time to get back on track and show the world that we actually mean business. But if she's even remotely interested in protecting the world around her, May had better hurry up and act - because the clock has already started ticking.
15/07/2016 15:41 BST

Republicans Must Learn From Britain's Mistakes - Before It's Too Late

This Brexit vote has got to be a wakeup call for any and all Republicans who are even remotely interested in their own wellbeing. It shouldn't matter how much you claim to despise Hillary Clinton, Democrats, women's rights or universal background checks. Donald Trump's continued demonstrations of economic selfishness and fiscal ineptitude prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he cannot be trusted with America's welfare.
28/06/2016 16:10 BST

Think a Brexit Will Benefit Small Businesses? Think Again

Now, if that's a price you're willing to pay in order to try and slash net migration, just you go ahead and vote to leave the EU on June 23. But if you're gainfully employed by a small business, you might want to think twice.
07/06/2016 12:08 BST

Is Xenophobia Team Brexit's Final Hope?

Against everyone's better judgement, Brexiteers have now been forced to abandon all reason and double down on their hopes that Britain's festering xenophobia will ultimately be enough to defeat economic literacy come June. Politicians like Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have consequently placed every last shred of credibility on the line by attempting to disprove their own fundamental beliefs on the supposed economic benefits of immigration. That's a pretty risky bet...
03/05/2016 16:25 BST

Does Cold Calling Actually Benefit Energy Customers?

Cold callers aren't only annoying - they also tend to rip customers off big time. They're bad for PR, bad for business and bad for the industry as a whole. With any luck, regulators will bear that in mind before unleashing big energy companies back onto our streets to spoil your dinner.
10/02/2016 12:18 GMT

Sorry, Mr Cameron - A Financial Bandaid Will Not Fix North Sea Oil

Politicians should know better than to presume that flogging a dead horse will get the UK's oil industry back up-and-running. If anything, by attempting to jumpstart production with public funds, we'll simply perpetuate industrial recession. That's not good business and it's not good politics. Then again, it does make for a half-decent soundbite.
01/02/2016 15:51 GMT

This Was Jeremy Hunt's Make-Or-Break Moment - And He Just Blew It

Every politician has a make-or-break moment - that pivotal time in which they must either step up to the plate and prove their worth, or slink back into the partisan sludge from whence they came. Well, this has been Mr Hunt's turn to step up to the plate - and he's completely whiffed it.
04/11/2015 12:12 GMT

Why Bother Slapping a Rating on Something That's Already in the Public Domain?

We've got to face facts: we're living in a brave new world of free-flowing information, and age restrictions or movie-style ratings simply won't keep our children away from inappropriate materials. If anything, these hollow forms of censorship only delay serious parental conversations that are just plain inevitable.
19/08/2015 11:00 BST

Can't Process Payments Without Stealing From Underpaid Staff? You Shouldn't Be Running a Business

This is 2015. Most people are going to pay by card. That makes the miniscule processing fee attached to those transactions a regular overhead expense that must be budgeted for. And so if your franchise can't facilitate this seemingly unaffordable act of modern sorcery without punishing underpaid staff for demonstrating great service, perhaps you shouldn't be running a business at all.
07/08/2015 16:05 BST

Is the Writing Finally on the Wall for Labour?

It seems like things can't get any worse. But trust me: if the Labour Party doesn't elect someone capable of giving them direction and demonstrating some form of ideological resolve, things are going to get a hell of a lot worse. Who knows? By the next general election, Labour could even go the way of the Liberal Democrats.
21/07/2015 16:36 BST

How Will the Iran Nuclear Deal Impact Oil Prices?

From the outside looking in, you would never guess that Iran is a rich country. It's got sky-high unemployment, an atrocious poverty rate and no real economic growth to speak of. But in a matter of months, this cantankerous theocracy is going to turn the global energy market on its head.
15/07/2015 15:41 BST

Why Do Conservatives Want to Create Education Barriers?

When are we going to stop shooting ourselves in the foot? If we want to bolster domestic business and really get our economy moving, higher education is the last thing we should be taking a swing at. We're perpetuating our own lack of knowledge, and it's going to cost us in the long run.
09/07/2015 11:50 BST

Does Free Childcare Actually Help Anybody?

At this point, most voters should take it for granted that campaign promises are nothing but rubbish. Politicians can't get elected without offering the world on a silver platter, and so party manifestos tend to be embarrassingly vague and optimistic in nature. Most of them fade into oblivion immediately after election night. Well, David Cameron isn't prepared to let that happen this time around.
02/06/2015 15:36 BST

Why Is Everybody So Riled Up About TTIP?

Have you heard about TTIP yet? It's been in the works for a couple years now, but it doesn't make the headlines very often. But now that this silly election is over and done with, chances are we're going to start hearing a lot more about it.
14/05/2015 14:27 BST

How Will the BBC Fare in the General Election?

This is it. After what's felt like an eternity, the general election is finally getting underway. Everyone who plans on voting has been registered, party manifestos have been launched and would-be politicians are producing an endless stream of tough-talking soundbites.
22/04/2015 17:46 BST

Is Scotland Being Let Down By UK Immigration Policy?

Scotland has always been a relatively multicultural place. Almost a fifth of central belt residents were born outside of the UK, and this foreign-born population is getting smarter and more highly skilled every year.
12/04/2015 19:57 BST

What the Hell is Happening in Yemen?

The events unfolding in Yemen over the next few days very well may impact the stability of the Middle East for generations to come. And no matter how this plays out, there are going to be a whole lot of losers.
26/03/2015 12:10 GMT

When It Comes to American Apparel, Regulators Are Total Hypocrites

This war on American Apparel has got to stop - least of all because it's just giving the company exactly what it wants. But the ASA has got to realise that it's a complete waste of time to point a finger at one company in particular without pointing a finger at the industry as a whole.
19/03/2015 17:28 GMT